Fallout 4 Ultimate Location Guide for Bobblehead, Magazine, Holotape, Vaults, Special Items and Many More

Ultimate Location Guide

Different Fallout 4 Players come online to locate various collectible, special items, threat levels etc. What if you could find everything under one Map? We have created something that will prevent you from searching on the net again and again. This Fallout 4 Ultimate Location Guide contains every single item marked on One Single Map with Threat level as well.

Ultimate Location Guide

The Map we have shared below contain the marked location for Bobblehead, Magazine, Holotape, Vaults, Special Items, Threat Level, Settlement, City Town and Threat Level You should be avoiding which may also contain the difficult enemy, not suitable to your level. How to know which level is more and which is easy you can differentiate in this Mini Explanation of the Map below:

The Map Shared here is a bit small, you need to expand it and see where you can locate these collectibles like bobbleheads, etc. Locate and get all the collectibles as soon as possible with help of this marked location guide. Check out the Map below. 


If you Have any doubts regarding the locations or with the Map do let us know in the comments below. Till then enjoy gaming.

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