Xenoblade Chronicles X: How to Recruit All Party Members Tips Guide

Recruit All Party Members

Just after you have explored planet Mira, you see the humanity here is going to perish and you must stop it. It is impossible for you alone to help the humanity from going extinct. You need some help and recruitment to stand for your cause. This Xenoblade Chronicles X Guide will help you recruit different types of Characters in the game.

Recruit All Party Members

There are various Characters including the Main Characters that an be recruited and make them stand for your cause that is saving the humanity. But why will anyone directly join you for your cause? You must complete certain objectives that will help them trust you and join you for the cause. Here we have the list of Characters and How to recruit them on Planet Mira.

How to Recruit All Party Members

Boz Lowes
You need to reach level 20 in order to unlock Boz's objective that is “Backup Request” in NLA. Once you unlock the mission, complete the series of the mission and gain complete trust of your fellow Blade Member Boz Lowes. After you have gained his trust he will be happy and ready to join your cause.

You need to reach level 17 in order to unlock Alexa's affinity mission, “Weaponized”. First accept her quest called, “Guinea Pigs Wanted” which will be unlocked once you have finished Chapter 4. Then You need to fight against her in order to recruit her.

Note: The Outfitters Test Hangar must not involve in the mission.

You need to reach level 13 and must have completed the Chapter 3. Now the only thing pending is the affinity mission, Meetin Yelv. Yelv will join you as you complete the mission. 

You need to reach level 32 and done with chapter 8 in order to unlock the Boss of the Blade Organization. Nagi is your Boss and wants to join your party. You will find him in Primordia’s Northpointe Beach.

You need to reach level 13 and done with chapter 3 to unlock H.B's affinity mission called “A New Rival? Hunt him in New LA and start your affinity mission and after completing he will join you.

You need to reach level 33 and done with chapter 8 to unlock Celica. To get Celica in your party, you must have Elma and Lin, then talk to Vandham in the BLADE’s Tower to initiate the Manhunt mission. 

You need to reach level 21, done with chapter 3 and must have accepted the “Marry Me!” mission from the Mission Board. Once you meet the requirements, talk to her in the Residential District of NLA and recruit her.

You need to reach level 22, done with chapter 5 and must have Irina in your party. If you done it correctly then go ahead and talk to in Administrative District and recruit her.

A very hectic and long process but Mia is definitely worth it. Starting with the acceptance of the quest “Mamma Mia” in NLA’s Administrative District after chapter 3. In Noctilum’s Skybound Coil Tree, Mia will again meet you and hand over another quest “Adventure” at the very end of Chapter 5. In Oblivia’s Learning Ring for the “Mighty Mia” normal mission in Chapter 6. Then an affinity Mission “A Girl’s Wings” in Chapter 9. Moving to “Definian Downfall” at chapter 11. Once you complete all the chain quest there will be another mission called "Missing Mia" and after completing she will be available to recruit.

You need to reach level 19, done with chapter 4 and make sure you don't have Doug, Irina, and Gwin in your party before accepting affinity mission, Bottoms Up and he’ll join the party at the end of the mission.

Phog Christoph
You need to reach level 13, done with chapter 4 and accept the mission “Backup Request” mission. When you will approach him after this mission he will decline you joining request to join the party but he will join as soon as you complete his another mission “Foggy Dilemna”.

Main Characters

Elma will be training you since the very beginning of the game. She will help you become a full-pledge member of the BLADE. She is already in your party.

After Completing the Chapter 1 in New Los Angeles, Lin will join you. 

After Completing the Chapter 3, Doug will join you.

After Completing the Chapter 3, Gwin will join you.

After Completing the Chapter, 4 Lao will join you.

After Completing the Chapter, 4 L will join you.

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