Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 - How to Hit Master Prestige in 100% Solo Player

How to Hit Master Prestige

Welcome to the Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 Ultimate Success Guide where you can now easily Hit the Master Prestige while playing 100% solo. We know how frustrating the gameplay gets when you playing as a lone Wolf and hunt for different objectives. This Guide will show you some important points which will help you understand the game mechanics and increase your success chances.

How to Hit Master Prestige

How to Hit Master Prestige

Go for Hardcore Domination Mode

There are very few who follow the Hardcore, which make it easier for you to enjoy your Solo experience. You go for One Shot, One Kill medal in HC increases your XP more a bit. With this medal you also get a wide variety of weapons, you are almost certain to benefit from this feature regardless of what weapon you choose. You can also get this medal without killing multiple enemies at once in HC so it's better to take advantage of this and rank up the process.

When you're playing in Hardcore, the camo challenges will also be easier like take enemies down with One Shot Kills. If you are a good camper than you can benefit from the lower health killing the enemies with good aim. Even if you have approx 30 health in HC you only need a bullet to get away and won't kill you like in normal modes. 

Focus on Sound

Being the Lone Wolf, you must purely focus on sound when your teammates are far more than useless. Sounds in the Game are very useful to know where your enemies are and track their movements. Whenever there is a Dead silence you can easily get aware of the surrounding movements and while there are one-on-one gunfights it will be good for you to be prepared. 

For those who have very good aim and choose to be a Camper then welcome to the camper's paradise where you will dominate most of the matches. But if you are not in a good position then any weapon will kill you in the blink of an eye anyway.

Importance of the Hardened Sentry

We know you are already aware how good this works, but still we want you to reconsider your selection of streaks and check if the Hardened Sentry is worth or not. If you choose Hardened Sentry it will provide you with area denial, shut down teams which no other streak can provide except for the Guardian, but with good also come the bad that is the Sentry obviously has some counters like Specialist Streaks and the Launchers. We only want you to understand that no other Streak can provide a combination of lethal and area denial utility like Hardened Sentry does.

Chase Trophy

Trophy System is always an instant boost when it comes to taking flags in Dom. Most of you teammates seems not to join you for capturing flags. The Trophy System will protect you from any projectile thrown your way which is a HUGE boost if you are trying to cap a flag solo, but it won't protect you from the gunfire. This works every time as the opponents rarely expect it and you get an easy 25 score each time you block a projectile.

Your GamePlay

First and Foremost when you decide to play as a lone wolf you must start taking initiative for your Teammates. If you are about to lose then focus on getting that one to the cap and start the comeback. If you think no one is showing efforts which are raining death down on your team then feel free to pull your launcher out and reap all the rewards. As you are playing it solo so do take the chance to defend your own flag. Attacking is important if they run parallel with defense. In short you must help and lead your team while playing it 100% for yourself.    

This is all we wanted to share to get an easy Hit on Master Prestige while playing 100% solo. if you have anything to add then do let us know in the comments below.

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