Rainbow Six Siege: How to Make an Easy Win Tips and Tricks

How to Make an Easy Win

This Rainbow Six Siege Guide we will how you to make an easy win in the game. These Tips and Tricks are the basic which you will be using it regularly and get your win spot with no sweat. If you want to to play as a good tactical shooter then simply follow the Tips and start an excellent Rainbow team.

How to Make an Easy Win

How to Make an Easy Win Tips and Tricks

This Guide will show you the basic things you might be missing or avoiding which leads you to failure. After Going through these Tips, we want you to try this and practice it make it perfect. So without any further ado, let's begin with the Tips and Tricks.

Power of Sound

A very common advice to get a headset for a good gameplay, but we want you to feel the sound which will extremly improve your teamplay. If you manage to get precise on the gameplay sound, you can actually be ready to take the team with good coordination. This also helps on both attack and defence where you're likely to hear your enemies before you even see them. 

Make use of Cameras

Cameras play an important role in the game wheather they are mounted on drones or are part of the building. After few rounds on defense you will notice that the cameras attached to the drones tends to destroy incoming drones and make away for you, but you are on the attacking side then plan to see and then charge accordingly. If you are unable to see then use the drones and position them in each part of the place to play safe. Even if you die early you can eaily guide your team where the defense team is covering and the pre-builted cameras.

Avoid Rush

We all know there is a time limit, but this doesn't mean that you need to rush to finish the compact rounds. Rainbow Six's rounds are various objectives which can decide you're attacking and planning to take the round as smooth as possible. Avoid leaving your Assault till the last minute which can turn out to be risky or advantage if you have a good squad. Try to Take your time and let the defenders feel nervy which is likely to make some mistakes by leaving their post.

Prepare before Attacks

The Player must be prepared for anything that comes his way. This works better with our first Tips(sounds) where you need focus on your offence and defense, get ready to hear and then react. Whenever you see or hear any footsteps you get a bit of a second to get ready and plan your attack. When you are not ready then maintain dead silence and try to hear the movements.

The Trick

The Trick in Rainbow Six Siege is to get used to the bugs like clipping and use it as your advantage(Bad Person). This Bug/glitch can be used to take down the enemies by shooting then when they are backed up against certain walls without using the breaching charges to walls. NOTE: Only try this when you see yourself safe(backing area).

We hope this guide was helpful and if you have anything to share then do let us know in the comments below.

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