Fallout 4: How to get T-60 Power Armour Free Without Joining BOS

How to get T-60 Power Armour Free

One of the Fallout 4 Loading screens said - 'T-60 power armor was the last model of power armor produced by the U.S. military and distributed to American troops'. There are Number of locations where you can find the parts of this particular armor, but not all at once. This Fallout 4 Guide will show you how to get T-60 Power Armour for Free Without Joining BOS.

How to get T-60 Power Armour Free

How to T-60 Power Armour Free Without Joining BOS

Maybe this can be count as a random encounter, but it seems this is one of the fastest ways to grab the Power Armor. We cannot guarantee you that you will get T-60 or if you can get a different model, but it is sure to be one of the BOS armour. So without any further ado, let's begin with the Hunt.

This Method may take some time so have patience as you are about to get the Armour legit from the Brotherhood of Steel.

Step 1:
Find one of the BOS's Vertibirds

Step 2:
Now you have two choices:

  • Shoot them down
  • Wait for it to crash land

Step 3:
Either Way, the Vertibird will Crash land and you need to head towards the wreckage

Step 4:
Go Close to the Dead body(BOS members) to Get your full set of T-60, BOS power Armour.

Step 5:
Congratulations! You have received the Full set of Power Armor without joining BOS

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