Fallout 4: Top 12 Useful Item in Sanctuary Hill Area

Top 12 Useful Item in Sanctuary Hill Area

Bethesda's Fallout 4 lies in the epic post-apocalyptic adventure has enraptured by millions, with long hours of gameplay players are still struggling hard to get through some areas. This open-world sandbox comes with an incomprehensible amount of stuff to do, see and find. Here are the Top 12 Useful Item in Sanctuary Hill Area you might have missed.

Top 12 Useful Item in Sanctuary Hill Area ?

Top 12 Useful Item in Sanctuary Hill Area

Sanctuary Hill Area is the same place where the Sole Survivor and their family used to live in The House of Tomorrow before the Great War. Later, it is just one of the places the player character may choose to build a settlement in. And all thanks Steam User we have the Locations Mapped, check out the guide below for all the 12 Useful items locations.


S.P.E.C.I.A.L. Book

You can find this in the Sole Survivors post-war house, in the baby bedroom. It's like a joker bobblehead, the book gives any +1 in any S.P.E.C.I.A.L. There is a slight chance that you might have missed this one.


Gold (1.350 caps)

In the basement of the house of our neighbor. Check out the door on the floor, at the back of the building. You will also get some useful loot such as ammo, chems, adhesive, locked items... being the most notable the three gold bars. 


Army Helmet

In a mini-island in the middle of the river, close to a military vehicle, you will find this helmet. This Helmet gives you +10 DR (Damage Resistance) for free is a huge help at the beginning of the game.


.44 Pistol

Follow the river, pass a small dock, and you encounter a water device. Follow the pipe until you find a skeleton with the .44 pistol, five rounds, and some loot. For a Level 1 player, this Pistol is way to useful as it is very hard to find .44 ammo is too hard to find until level 8-10


Fragmentation Mines(8 Pieces)

Near Vault 111, West between the big power poles you will find small minefield with eight fragmentation mines that can be easily deactivated and obtained. 


WSG Magazine - Melee Damage

Near Ranger Cabin, inside the shack, on the table, next to the bed you can find this WSG Magazine which reduces your Melee Damage by 5%. This magazine protects us from almost any non-ranged weapon attacks for free.


WSG Magazine - Extra Loot

Near Sunshine Tidings Co-op, inside the shack close to the high deposits you will find this Book. This Magazine gives us an immense amount of extra free resources in a long play run where we end looting hundreds of dead animals, from radroachs to deathclaws. 


Grognak Magazine(Two of Them)

First one can be found in Sanctuary Hills, in our post-war house, on the kitchen table whereas the second one is in Wicked Shipping Fleet Lockup, South of Sanctuary Hills. This Magazine gives +5% critical bonus mags.


U.S Com Magazine

Near Lonely Chapel, this book is in the Federal Ration Stockpile basement, on the table of a raider named Red Tourette. This COM Book is really powerful when stacked. 


Silenced Gun

Near Drumlin Dinner, This Gun is sold by Trudy in the caravan for approx 200 caps. This is the fastest way to get a silenced fire weapon in the game as it is one of the stronger weapons than the average low-level guns which uses .308 ammo. Like most pipe weapons, this one can be modded as a rifle or as a pistol. Gunslinger and Rifleman perks will boost it or not in each case.


Fat-Man + Mini Nukes

Near Robotics Disposal Ground, you can find Fat-Man in one of the ruined cars there, close to the combat sentry and the Mini Nukes next to the big pile of tires, close to the fence. Mini-Nukes for the Fatman become much more easy to get after level 10-12 when suicide super mutants show.


Power Armor + Fusion Cores

Near Crashed Vertibird field, close to Sanctuary Hills, in an open field with a crashed Vertibird, at the East of the Robotics Disposal Ground. For the Fusion Cores you can find the first one in the Red Rocket Truck Stop, in the basement, the second in the Robotics Disposal Ground, in the military box. close to the combat sentry  and the last two inside the combat sentry if we make it auto destruct via holotape/terminal. 


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