Fallout 4: How to Get a Homerun Achievement/Trophy From the Start

Homerun Achievement/Trophy

There is a maximum of 50 Fallout 4 achievements and you need to unlock all as you progress in the Game. There are certain achievements which can be completed from the very beginning of the game. This Fallout 4 Achievement/Trophy Guide will show you how to Get a Homerun Trophy from the start.

Homerun Achievement/Trophy

How to Get a Homerun Achievement/Trophy From the Start

This is an easy and quickest achievement you can get in Fallout 4. All you need to do is score a HomeRun. The Question is where? If you haven't noticed the Diamond City is located inside of the Baseball stadium. There you go, head straight towards the Diamond city and notice behind on land the diamond. 

fallout-4-homerun-1.jpg   fallout-4-homerun-2.jpg

To Score a Perfect HomeRun, you need to run atop each of the four baseball bases on the ground of Diamond City. Once you locate turn left at each base and get the home run. Just like the Image shown below. Each Base has its marking over it which says I, II, III, and Final.

fallout-4-homerun-3.jpg   fallout-4-homerun-4.jpg

Once you are done with the third Base Run back to where we started, that is to the right of the Landmark security building of the city. The Achievement/Trophy will pop up once you have successfully completed the HomeRun. If you have any doubt do let us know in the comments below.


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