Fallout 4: How to Earn Fast with Shopkeepers

How to Earn Fast with Shopkeepers

Shopkeepers in Fallout 4 can help you earn fast if you manage and assign right settlers to shops. Once you create your own settlement and gather few settlers then you can assign them to different shops and get started with your earning. This Fallout 4 guide will show to the right strategy to get the shopkeepers and earn fast. 

How to Earn Fast with Shopkeepers

Once you have the Settlements ready, you can start trading or buy and sell items to and from these shopkeepers during their given working hours. If you try to trade after their working hours then they will just act like normal settler and not have much to trade. So The Right Time to Trade is during their working hours only.

The Shop
Once you have built a settlement with 10 and more settlers you are ready to build a shop and prepare an earning source. To start with a Shop you need:

  • 500+ caps
  • Free Settler
  • A Stand

If you have all three you can begin with your shop. The caps may vary from the size of the shop you want to build. 

The Shopkeeper
If you have the shop then you obviously need a shopkeeper to handle the shop. The will be filled with the second requirement of the shop that is a free settler. 

  • Open the 'Workshop Menu' 
  • Select 'Assign Them'
  • Go to your Workshop
  • Click on Assign

Now that teh shopkeeper is assigned to this particular shop he/she will start working from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.(rough idea). And at this particular time, you have to trade and earn most of the Income. Or if you are out of the Settlement for some Missions then also the Shop will keep earning from the remaining settlers and you can collect them from the miscellaneous section of your workshop.

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