CoD Black Ops 3: How to get Best Advanced Performance Tips

How to get Best Advanced Performance Tips

Many Players are still complaining about the game performance issue even though they have a very High-End PCs. Even for the Low-End Pcs with lower GPU, the game runs smooth, all you need to do is to get it done the right way. This Call of Duty: Black Ops 3 guide will show you the Tips on how to get Best Advanced Performance.

How to get Best Advanced Performance Tips

Even with a mid range rig like -

  • CPU: FX-8320 @4,2 GHz
  • GPU: R9 290 1100MHz/1400MHz
  • RAM: 8GB @1600MHz
  • OS: Windows 10 64bit on an SSD

It is possible to get 70 to 110 FPS with such rigs, so what's wrong with the High-End PCs? Let Check the Basics first for not only BO3 but also for any other game:

  • Know your hardware
  • Regularly Update Your Beta Driver for your GPU
  • Use CCleaner to fix your registry errors. 
  • Close your Browser or any other unimportant apps.
  • Use Fullscreen
  • Defrag or optimise your HDD/SSD(optional)
  • Use Razor Cortex to clear RAM(optional)

.ini File

If you know that once you start the game for the first time, it creates a 'config.ini' file under 'Players' in the game folder. Use any Editor like Notepad ++ to open the File and make these changes.

  • MouseFilter and MouseAcceleration to 0
  • CorpseCount should be maximum 12
  • MaxFrameLatency should be 1
  • VideoMemory on 1 unless you use the GTX 970
  • AutoRestoreFullscreen on 1, if you use fullscreen obviously

If you are facing the game crash issue then you can reduce the CorpseCount and get it fixed. 

Changes with Game Settings

Only if you are facing rally bad tearing then turn off the vsync otherwise it's good to have to on. The Game Settings actually may vary from PC to PC depending on which VRAM are you using. 

  • Anti-Aliasing - off
  • Ambient Occlusion - Medium for all
  • Dynamic Shadows - off
  • Motion Blur - Disabled
  • Texture Quality - Extra (only if your Pc has more than 6GB VRAM)
  • Texture Filtering and Mesh Quality - low(safer side)
  • Shadow Map Quality totally depends on you, either be on Extra/High
  • Order Independent Transparacy - off (unless GTX 900 GPU)

Going Pro with Tools

Overclocking your GPU
To gain more FPS you need to go a little extra like overclocking your GPU with MSI Afterburner. First Run the game and check the gam's maximum temperature, if it doesn't cross 70°C on the base clock you can directly raise your core clock in 10MHz. If you start noticing the black screens then your PC requires a restart. You should take max up to 80°C with some GPUs by overclocking.


Parking Cores
In order to unpark your CPU cores, you must use the best tool called Process Lasso. To run this tool properly, it requires PC with more than 4 cores or Intel CPUs with hyperthreading. You will be using this tool to park some non-physical cores and gain 10+ FPS.

AMD Driver Settings
For AMDs Catalyst and Crimson driver, you must disable Tessellation and set the anisotropic filtering to performance along with the Shader option.

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