How to Turn On your TV with PS4 controller

How to Turn On your TV with PS4 controller

Looking at Nintendo's WiiU, how it acts like a remote for a TV as well as the gaming controller. WiiU can adjust volume, channels, inputs, and power on and off manually. Which makes us think why can't our Playstation controller acts the same for us? This Playstation Tips and Tricks Guide will help you turn on your TV with the help of you PS4 controller.

How to Turn On your TV with PS4 controller

Just after the thought, we started digging up with our PS4 settings with the TV settings to get any clue if there is a possibility. Finally, we noticed the similar settings which can turn on the TV with just one tap of your PS4 controller, doesn't act like a remote that WiiU does, but, at least, something. Here we show you how to Turn On your TV with PS4 controller.

The Method works with any TV, all you need to do is "Enable HDMI Device Link" while you PS4 is running. It will also change the inputs if you were doing something different. We are currently running PS4 on Vizio TV and to get the settings done the steps are given below.

Step 1:

Open Vizio menu and go to Settings

Step 2:

Select System and then CES

Step 3:

Enable the Discover Device

Step 4:

Process Complete(PS4 running)

For Samsung and Sony TVs you can try the enable the settings accordingly to make you PS4 controller work as your TV remote. Once you are done with the settings you can try to wake up the TV and PS4(when on rest mode) by just clicking on the Controller. For some TVs, you can also turn off the TV by going to the rest mode. 

Tip: There is an app called "Bravia Tv Player" that will let you control your tv with your ps4 controller.

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