Pony Island: How to get all the Tickets Locations and Secret Achievement Guide

How to get all the Tickets Locations and Secret Achievement

Pony Island is a suspense puzzle game in disguise where the player is in limbo, trapped in a malevolent and malfunctioning arcade machine devised by the devil himself. You must get into puzzles and think outside the box to solve it. This Pony Island Guide will show you an achievement for each and every act along with locations for every ticket.

How to get all the Tickets Locations and Secret Achievement

There are total 30 tickets which you need to get all the tickets and complete the secret achievement. Here the list of all the tickets found in the game. The Order of the ticket is not in flow with the acts. Without any further ado, let's begin with the Ticket locations

Where to find all Tickets

Ticket 1
Go to the Graphics Option in Menu and you will find a Free Ticket there.


Ticket 2
As you start the game click on the 'Credits' and keep scrolling till the end to get the next ticket.


Ticket 3
On the Start menu go to options and get the free ticket


Ticket 4
After completing the first 2 levels of Pony Island click on the portal to reveal the puzzle and get the ticket.


Ticket 5
After you close the game, Open Pony Galaxy and score 50 points for a ticket.


Ticket 6
After you grab the above ticket you must click on the ".exe" files on the desktop as the order shown below, spelling out the word TICKET.


Ticket 7
Once you are pushed back to the Pony Island, hover your mouse on the Left Pony to get the secret Portal to the ticket.  


Ticket 8
Open the advanced option for Pony Laser and check the sound option to max all the sounds and get the ticket. 


Ticket 9
One of the tickets is floating in the first level after pony laser. 


Ticket 10
After Act One you will have to open the Pony Island and click on the left daemon to start with the puzzle. You must complete it and get the next ticket.


Ticket 11
In adventure mode, you must clear all the levels below "Ticket Lake" and then head left. Click on the disconnected level to walk there and Play the level to collect the coin.


Ticket 12
Just after the above ticket, you need to head back to the starting point of the adventure mode then click on disconnected to get into the hidden level on the left corner. Once you get there you will get the card and the achievement "For The Crusade".


Ticket 13
Get inside the Ticket Lake(adventure mode) to grab another free ticket.


Ticket 14
Once you enter the devils castle in adventure mode check the maps right corner to get and talk to BEUR.exe for a ticket. 


Ticket 15
When you reach the screen where it shows Premium Mode check on the first pictures hand just as shown in the picture below and get the ticket.


Ticket 16
During a text-based version of Pony Island, input "Free Ticket" on the options menu.


Ticket 17
Open the Devil Island and hover the cursor on the right devil to force him to vomit the blood and you get the ticket


Ticket 18
Once you get to the desktop shown in the picture, click in the circled areas in the order labeled below.


Ticket 19
On the Main screen of Pony Island, Click on the head of the of the Pony and then a Cube will reveal which can be drag around to get the ticket.


Ticket 20
A ticket will appear floating on the same level after getting laser powers.

Act 1 Achievement

To Complete the Achievement, you must select the ####### option on the main menu the second time you enter the game and input the password "Baphomet". You will unlock the Achievement: BEHOLD...


Act 2 Achievement

When you are trying to access the Glitched Account you 'iamerror' as the password and unlock the achievement 'I AM ERROR'.



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