Fallout 4: Where to find Astoundingly Awesome Tales Comics Location Guide

Where to find Astoundingly Awesome Tales Comics

In Fallout 4 there are 14 Astoundingly Awesome Tales Comics in total. You must find all fourteen in order to unlock the bonus. This Magazine/Comics not only provides an increase in damage but also assist with health or in other ways. This Fallout 4 Guide will show you the exact location for each and every Astoundingly Awesome Tales Comics in the wasteland. 

Where to find Astoundingly Awesome Tales Comics

The Astoundingly Awesome is a magazine perk known as the Astoundingly Awesome Tales Comics are the books which after Reading grants you a perk. This Magazine Perk provides you +5 Action Points or +5% damage against Ghouls, Mirelurks, Super Mutants or +5% Heal the Radiation Damage. There are 14 types of Astoundingly Awesome Tales Comics issue in Wasteland:

My Brain and I... (A Twisted Love Tale)

Perk: Regenerate 1 Health Per Minute
Location: Boston Mayoral Shelter
On a table of the Lower level bedroom in The Southwest corner.

The Starlet Sniper

Perk: Do +5% damage with scoped weapons.
Location: Coast Guard Pier
On the toilet inside the locked cell, in the basement.

Attack of the Metal Men

Perk: Take 5% less damage from robots.
Location: Dunwich Borers
On a table near the steamer trunk which is at the bottom of the pit below the terminal.

Invasion of the Zetans

Perk: Do +5% damage with the Alien Blaster.
Location: Hubris Comics
On a table under an irradiated blood pack, Inside the “star” restroom(Top floor, south-east corner of the room).

The Mad Russian's Revenge

Perk: Gain +5 Poison Resistance.
Location: Pickman Gallery
In the last tunnel chamber which is right of the steamer trunk(the same place where you meet Pickman).

Attack Of The Fishmen

Perk: Do +5% damage against Mirelurks.
Location: Skylanes Flight 1981
On the restroom toilet below the cockpit.

Deep sea Terror! "Sinister Seafood Strikes!!"

Perk: Do +5% damage at night.
Location: Outpost Zimonja
On the workshop.

The Man Who Could Stop Time

Perk: Gain +5 Action Points.
Location: Vault 114
On a container in the blocked corridor in the living quarters area.

When Apes Go Bananas!!! "A Gorilla Ate My Patrol Car!"

Perk: Do +5% damage with the Cryolator.
Location: Old North Church
On a metal desk in the brick crypt area, inside Railroad HQ.

Giant Insects Invade

Perk: Gain +5 Radiation Resistance.
Location: Sentinel site
At the start of Sentinel Site Prescott, under some stairs, on the desk as part of a large row of work terminals.

Rise of the Radiated

Perk: RadAway heals +5% radiation damage.
Location: East Boston Preparatory School
On a desk in the computer room, top floor, Southeast corner.

Have Dog, Will Travel!

Perk: Your canine companion permanently takes 10% less damage.
Location: The Institute
On the triangular table of the outside balcony.

Curse of the Burned!

Perk: Do +5% damage against Ghouls.
Location: Crater of Atom
The top floor of the central metal shack built into the Western rocks.

The rise of the Mutants!

Perk: Do +5% damage against Super Mutants.
Location: Trinity Church
On the lecturn, by the steamer trunk at the East side of the church interior.

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