Fallout 4: How to farm Unlimited Money Caps After Patch 1.02

How to farm Unlimited Money Caps

Recently, an infinite caps glitch was noticed after Patch 1.02 was out. You can easily take advantage of this Glitch to farm the Bottle Caps and earn as many as you want. This Fallout 4 Glitch Guide will help you farm infinite Caps in the game and this works with the Patch 1.02.

How to farm Unlimited Money Caps

Bottle caps are referred as the standard currency throughout the Fallout series. There are different ways to earn caps in the game, but just after the Patch 1.02, PowerPyx has noticed a glitch in a particular mission where you can now farm infinite money. So without any Further ado, let's begin with the process. 

How to farm Unlimited Money Caps After Patch 1.02

Step 1:

Travel to Covenant(Commonwealth) and Talk to Honest Dan to get 'Human Error' quest.

Step 2:

Later, as you meet Dr. Chambers in the quest, Refuse her Offer. 

Step 3:

Free the Girl with the help of the Terminal

Step 4:

Talk to Honest Dan just One Time and then Walk away(Without continuing the conversation)

Step 5:

He will rewards you 300 Caps while talking.

Step 6:

Now you need to move away as you receive the caps, then again talk to him and get 300 more caps and keep repeating this process and get unlimited caps from Honest Dan.

Note: Do not continue with the conversation or the loop will end.

Source: PowerPyx

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