Fallout 4: Where to find Total Hack Magazines Location Guide

Where to find Total Hack Magazines

In Fallout 4 there are 3 Total Hack Magazines issues in total. You must find all three in order to unlock the bonus. Collecting these Magazine/Comics will provide the sole survivor will some kind of unique bonus. This Fallout 4 Guide will show you the exact location for each and every Total Hack Magazines in the wasteland.

Where to find Total Hack Magazines

The Total Hack perk can be unlocked collecting all the Total Hack Magazines. These perks allow you to hack Advanced terminals turrets and lights also you get few holotapes which help you with these hacks. There are 3 types of Total Hack Magazines issue in Wasteland:

Control Turrets

Location: Wildwood cemetery
Under the tree in the center of the cemetery.

Control Robots

Location: Wattz Consumer Electronics
Basement server room, on the terminal desk, north wall.

Control Spotlights

Location: The Shamrock Taphouse
Held by the female mannequin standing on the table in the “game” room with the checkers board.

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