Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India Walkthrough Memory 3 - The Quest Begins, Rescue Hamid, Locate Sleeman, Find a way to the Precursor Site

Walkthrough Memory 3 - The Quest Begins

Now that you have investigated the guard and know the current location of Hamid and where the guards are hiding them. Arbaaz must quickly pass through all the guards and save Hamid without raising the alarm which might kill Hamid. Thus, Locate Sleeman as well to grab the Koh-i-Noor diamond from the Templar and bring it back to the Brotherhood. Let's take a look at the Memory.

Walkthrough Memory 3 - The Quest Begins

Memory Sequence 3: The Quest Begins

As the Missions begins you see Sleeman and his right man Captian Alexander Burnes is Investigating Hamid to know more about the power of Koh-i-Noor diamond and its link with Master Assassin Ezio's Box. Sleeman then heads to the Precursor Site to test the real power of the Piece of Eden that is the Koh-i-Noor Diamond.

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Get Past the Locked Door

Your Mission starts where you will encounter a high ranked guard which can be only passed by with the help of Smoke Grenades. use them when both meet then quickly loot the Guard and grab the keys. Open the door and you will be out of there in no time.

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Sneak Past the Military Gate

Roll the Cart and climb up, but there you must crouch, slide or hide dash in order to avoid the bells from ringing and alerting the nearby guards. Then you must Find clothes to disguise in order to pass the Military Gate with the crowd. Find all 3 clothes and it will help you Blend in the in the crowd and get past by.

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Infiltrate the Military Building

Once you get inside the Military Building it's time to go Shadow mode where you must not kill or assassinate anyone to raise the alarm which can directly kill Hamid. Go ahead take your time and do not rush I repeat do not rush. For the First Guard, you must put your legs quickly as you make the climb as you could barely see his yellow radar.

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Then jump out of the balcony and continue climbing up from the right. here make sure you make your jump quickly as you don't want the guards to detect you. Then Get up and take down the guard with a white cap and hide his body(optional). Then Climb up and get to Hamid to rescue him from the four guards. Kill Them. 

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Locate Sleeman

After Cutscene, you must follow Sleeman to the Precursor Site Entrance and you have only 40 seconds. Here forget about the collectibles for now and just head towards your objective which is to pass the guards and locate the entrance. You must get to the checkpoint in order to gain more time.

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Find way into the Precursor Site

Now that you know where is the entrance of the Precursor Site you must get the Handle back from the guard to Open teh Door. There is now the hard and fast process for this objective so take your time and take down the guards which you feel are harmful. Use your eagle vision to locate the Guard with the Handle. Once you have the handle get back to the wheel and open the door. Then Just make your run do not engage into a fight just run through the door.

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