Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India Walkthrough Memory 6 - The Silent Assist, Destroy Citadel Tower, Clear Gatehouse

Walkthrough Memory 6 - The Silent Assist

As we know, after the Collapsing of the Temple(Precursor Site), the Templars have moved their outpost to Afghanistan for some reason. You must Enter teh Herat Castle and also make sure you sabotage some main Points of the Castle to let the Afghans enter and start fighting for them against the British templars.

Walkthrough Memory 6 - The Silent Assist

Memory Sequence 6: The Silent Assist

Reach the Lower Citadel

Arbaaz has reached Afghanistan following the Templar and to know what they are up with the Koh-i-Noor and Ezio's Box. You must Find the way to enter the Herat Castle and reach the Lowest level of Citadel Tower. Here you will only target who are supposed to attack teh guard which are looking for trespassers and the rest can be ignored as they are fighting a battle with the Afghans. Pass through the Guards and do make sure of your Helix Dash(when required).

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Destroy the First Citadel Tower

After you pass through the Zipline, keep moving forward and do worry of the guards who are busy with the battle. In order to Destroy the Citadel Tower, you must get the powder stash and set charge the whole tower. So Use your Eagle Vison and locate the Guard who has the key, loot him and then head towards the Basement. Set the Charge and escape the area you have 25 seconds to do that.

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Reach and Destroy the Second Citadel Tower

Now that you have destroyed the Tower, guards are on high alert so move as soon as you can so get past these guards. Use Chakrams to destroy the lamps which cut the Guard's vision and you can easily get a pass by. Use Noice distraction where you see the guards are fixed at one place. Get to teh Basement smartly, set the Charge and escape the area you have 25 seconds to do that.

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Destroy the Final Citadel Tower

From now just make sure you didn't waste your Smoke grenades during this objective as we will be needing it in the next main objective. To Pass the bunch of guards wait for the right move as the guards do get busy while talking then is the best chance to make you move. Destroy the Last Citadel Tower with the Cannon.

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Clear the Gatehouse and Open the Gate before the Reinforcements arrived

The First Smoke Bomb should be used to pass the Main Guard to block their view. Then you need to make sure you take out all 10 guards smartly before they call for Reinforcements. You have 3 minutes to do that. Use the Smoke Bomb to Distract and also loot some bodies to get them back. 

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Go ahead and start the Extreme right and then come down level by level taking all 10 Guards. Once you have all the active guards down its time to open the Gates and let teh Afghans fight their battle. The Memory Sequence 6 is now Complete.

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