Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India Walkthrough Memory 8 - The Thief Within, Locate the Box and Diamond

Walkthrough Memory 8 - The Thief Within

In Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India Walkthrough Memory 8, after Arbaaz was captured he awakens in Katasraj Temple where all his Tools, weapons are taken away from him and you need to get back the equipment in order to continue your search for the Koh-i-Noor diamond in this very Temple.

Walkthrough Memory 8 - The Thief Within

Memory Sequence 8: The Thief Within

Find the Grapple Hook

One of the Tough and interesting mission where you will be learning some new moves. So once the cutscene is over you begin your search for your Grapple Hook, but first you are introduced to the new Helix move called Blend with can make you look Invisible. This move comes very handily in the first part of the mission so use them well. 

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Recover your Grapple Hook

The second part is not that tough, but you should be surprised with the different types of gameplay with these Guards. Again make use of your Helix Blend to know where they can help you with the pass. Also, There will be Master Guard which are well hidden in the Hidden spot. You can make use of your eagle vision to locate them. 

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Find the Disguise to Recover your Gadgets and Weapons

Here you need to pay more attention as the guards are on a very good position to notice you. Make sure the do not alarm the other guards. It will be tricky but you can manage to get through. Go first for the Coat, then Boots and Lastly the Hats. For the Hats, you need to use the Helix Blend as the Guard is quicker in turns. Then Go and grab your equipment.

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Eliminate the Enemies the Guard of Left Tower

You are back with your equipment, so get ready for some new coolest action in Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India. You going to use the Rifles to taking down the enemies. We recommend taking all body shots and eagle vision to locate them.

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Climb the Left Tower

Now that you have cleared the guards you can climb the left tower and get ready to take down the remaining enemies. This is the a bit tricky, you must distract the guards first to separate their attention and then taking them down with body shots or any other shot you prefer to use. 

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Climb the Left Tower and check for more Guards

Wherever you see the hidden places we want you to use the eagle vision to be sure that no High-level Guard is inside the Spot. If so then make use of the Smoke grenade to take them out and pass the way. 

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Clear the Camp of Guards to Stop the Mortar Fire

Similar to the Rifle shot you did before, use the same technique. Eagle Vision and locate your targets and shoot them before they light up the Mortar Fire. Do not rush let them reach the mortar and then fire them wherever you want. This makes it easy and simple.

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