Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India Walkthrough Memory 9 - The Escape, Escape Mortar Fire, Defeat Alexander Brunes

Walkthrough Memory 9 - The Escape

In Assassin's Creed Chronicles: India Walkthrough Memory 9, now the Guards are aware, Arbaaz must try to escape the Temple before the Templar Force tries to stop him, but he finally gets his hands on Captain Alexander Burnes and get the score settled with him full and final.

Walkthrough Memory 9 - The Escape

Memory Sequence 9: The Escape

Escape Mortar Fire

One of the Best Time-based mission so far, here you don't have seconds to breathe as you need o quickly make you decisions and they better be right as one wrong move can cause you sudden death. As the Mission starts start your Run and be safe from Elephants. You must know where to roll and when to jump from the Collapsing wall due to Mortar Fires.

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Kill all the Guards that come in your way without giving a second thought. You may fail a couple of times due to wrong decisions so don't worry you will make it. A hint here is whenever you try to take down any guard then try to make an up kill as you keep moving after the kill is performed. Lastly, you will make it to the Other Templar Guards with Captain Alexander Burnes in Between asking for a challenge.

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Defeat Burnes

After your Long Run, Burnes challenges you to defeat him in the battle and he will let you leave with the Diamond and Box. Give you Best Combos and attacks to defeat him. Be aware of the Poison gas he throws in between so just be careful. Defeat him and he will let you go away with honor along with Koh-i-Noor and Ezio's Box.

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