Dragon Dogma: Dark Arisen Top 5 Beginners Tips Guide

Top 5 Beginners Tips Guide

Dragon Dogma: Dark Arisen is now available on PC and for those who are new to this game here is everything you need to know. Dragon's Dogma is a simple game when you look from the outside, but if you dig a bit deeper, you'll find a very in-depth game mechanics that you might not have been expecting. So let's begin with the Dragon Dogma: Dark Arisen Journey.

Top 5 Beginners Tips Guide

Our Aim is to share the things which you should be taking care of from the start and discover new techniques. This Guide is completely SPOILER free as we wanted to focus on more Beginners then the veteran who just want to refresh his memory. So without any further ado, let's begin.

Character Creation 

Once you are done with the Tutorial, you are directed towards the Character Creation screen and you'll be focused on their weight and height. You must be taking it casually, but you mustn't as this are one of the important characteristics for you gameplay. Both height and weight will impact your character's performance in the game.

The weight of your Character can directly affect the Stamina restoration, your movement and climbing speed, your knockback resistance and your maximum encumbrance. So While adjusting the weight, you must very focused, Here is and example for the weight: Medium weight(70-89 Kgs) your character gains 20 more base stamina upon creation. Check out the Weight Class and their Affects:

  • SS: Under 50 Kgs.
  • Movement speed: Very Quick.
  • Stamina Restoration: 18 Secs.
  • Knockback Resistance: Very Small


  • S: 50 - 69 Kgs.
  • Movement speed: Quick.
  • Stamina Restoration: 19 Secs.
  • Knockback Resistance: Small


  • M: 70 - 89 Kgs.
  • Movement speed: Moderate.
  • Stamina Restoration: 25 Secs.
  • Knockback Resistance: Moderate


  • L: 90 -109 Kgs.
  • Movement speed: Slow.
  • Stamina Restoration: 29 Secs.
  • Knockback Resistance: High


  • LL: Over 109 Kgs.
  • Movement speed: Very Slow.
  • Stamina Restoration: 34 Secs.
  • Knockback Resistance: Very High

If your weight class is below Medium then your Stamina Consumption can go up by 5%. It will not affect other things not noted by numbers such as:

  • Heavier characters can activate pressure plates faster.
  • Larger characters have a bigger hitbox compared to lighter or smaller ones.
  • Heavier characters will have it easier to grapple. Flying enemies will also struggle to fly away with you on top of them.
  • Lighter characters have a smaller hitbox compared to heavier and larger characters.
  • Lighter characters also climb faster, as they are more nimble than heavier and larger characters. 


Just like the weight, Height will also affect your character someway or the other such as walking and running speed, your weapon reach, and accessibility to small places. There are small tunnels, which you will only be able to enter if your character has a height of 150 Cm or less. Walking in-between the legs of large monsters and creatures also helps the character with small height. The taller characters you have a longer reach with their weapons compared to small characters.

Taller characters can wade out farther into the water without being drenched and they have an easier time to reach high ledges. If you're too small, they're even ledges you won't be able to reach. Tall characters will perceive the world from a higher perspective while shorter characters will perceive the world from a lower perspective. There are some add-ons which we would like to share with you.

You can reveal more customization options which appear below the actual window, in a faint and pulsating text. This Customization helps you:

  • Having two different colored eyes.
  • Adjusting your head size.
  • Adjusting brow position, along with brown color.
  • Adjusting your mouth position.
  • Adjusting your ear position.
  • Adjusting beard options and facial hair color.
  • Adjusting makeup color.

Different Game Mods

There are several Game Mods available once you start the game such as the Normal Mode, Hard Mode, Speed Mode and other. We will be talking about these two modes:

Note: If you change the difficulty in between then you game will be reset though you will keep all your rewards, levels, and items.

Hard Mode
As the name says it will put you a different and some really tough challenges with a great risk and better rewards. The player is rewarded with some unique items. Here are the Following changes which will affect in Hard Mode:

  • Enemy damage is doubled, where the enemy health remains the same.
  • Few monster spawns will contain 1-3 more of their kind.
  • Player's stamina usage is accelerated. 
  • The gold drop rate is increased several times, rewarding you tons of gold upon looting.
  • Experience points are doubled, along with discipline points, which are used to buy skills for your vocation.
  • Rift Crystal earnings from Pawns you have rented are increased by double the rate. Meaning that if you're using someone else Pawns, they will be rewarded with twice the amount. This is not a rental fee you as the player have to pay for, though.

Speed Run Mode

Speed Run mode is a time challenge mode, where you must try to beat the game as fast as you possibly could. You can also initiate this mode along with your current equipment, skills, and character development will be loaded as well. There are few restrictions to this Mode:

  • A timer will be displayed, counting up whenever you are in control of the game, but it will pause whenever a cutscene is playing or when you pause the game or any other inventory menu.
  • While renting pawns, only the pre-built offline pawns are available and rest are not accessible.
  • It is impossible to Save the game in Speed Run Mode. This means you must complete the game from start to finish. 
  • None of the items you use or gain in this mode will be transferred to your main save game.
  • The reward for completing the Speed Run Mode is the only items that will be carried over to your main game save file.

New Game Plus/Load Cleared Game

After completing the main game, New Game Plus game mode will be unlocked. Your story will reset after selecting this mode, but you will keep all your character progression, level, gold and equipment also, your pawn will also retain theirs. Only a few changes has been made in this game mode:

  • Enemy difficulty and rewards will remain the game.
  • New quests are available in the form of Creature Elimination quests, offering a substantial amount of gold as rewards.
  • Information regarding how many times you have finished the game will be displayed under the History section, in the Pause Screen.


Exploring and looking around for adventures like one of hidden loot and interesting locations away from the beaten path and many more.

Day and Night
If you have noticed the Day loot and Night loots differ to an extent as at night the visibility will be severely reduced, use of lanterns, light spells and other light sources to travel. 

Many players are still unaware of the fact the crafting can be one of the adventures in the game. The player can use monster parts, ores, and other materials to increase the stats of your equipment. Crafting is an easy process, all you need to do is visit the blacksmith, click on Enhance and it will list all your available equipment to see any upgrades are available and all. 

If you look at the Inns and Taverns, on the notice boards for the list of Quests available. You need to find and complete a side quest in order to get back to the main quest. We would advise you to travel back to Cassardis (the starting village) after your business is done in The Encampment.


These are few hidden equipment system for this sort of game. Did you know there are two types of Pause screens in the game?

Pause Menu
The pause menu is where you can access information like Save/Quit, History, Map, Status, Options, Share, Quests and Equipment etc. If you click on Clicking Save/Quit then it will not actually Save and Quit. Instead, you'll be given different options, such as Save and Continue, Save and Quit etc. When you hover above a piece of equipment, the game will display a text below, saying either "Clothing" or "Armor". Here you can wear both types at the same time which will give you different kind of stats and special qualities depending on the equipment.

Item Menu
This is the section where you access your Curatites, Tools, Materials, Special and Other sections. You can see your current health, level, and equipment burden of everyone in your party. Or trading pawns can be done by selecting items then action. If you hover the item and press any number from 1 to 5 then activate this item in-game without having to open up the menu to do it from there.


There are two different experience level in the game - one is the Actual Level while the other is a Vacation level in which you can select one of three classes. Once you start the game you are able to choose from a list of 9. The increase in your character level depends on what vocation you are leveled up. The Fighter gets the more HP, defense and attack per level while the magic types get more magic attack and magic defense. 

The Roguish type is somewhere in the middle of the ground with better stamina. You can increase your Vocation Level by same means as Character Level like killing monsters etc. Gaining Vocation Level, you'll gain access to new skills and augments. You spend Discipline to level these up and acquire them. 

These are the Power-ups which will help you swap your class from one to another. Unlocking them will help you with:

If you start Vocation being a fighter then you'll level up a bit and eventually reach Rank 5 Fighter. This will also unlock the Sinew augment which will grant you energy to carry additional weight. If you desire, and still select Sinew as one of your active augments then you may only have 6 augments equipped and activated at a time, But you can change which ones you'd like to use at an inn or a tavern.

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