Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen PC - How to Unlock Hero Achievement and Hidden Quests

How to Unlock Hero Achievement and Hidden Quests

Dragon’s Dogma game features endless NG+ that allows players to do Main and Side Quests over multiple playthroughs to unlock the Hero Achievement. If you have missed some quest then do not panic we have a list of all the side quest how to get it done is shown in this Dragon Dogma PC guide.

How to Unlock Hero Achievement and Hidden Quests 

This guide will show you the list of Main and Side Quest in the game and you can easily notice which one you might have missed. There are a Minor SPOILERS which are only used to highlight the side quest. In order to get the complete flow of the Quests, you must see the Main mission and then the side quest needs to be completed with it and this way you will easily understand which one you might have missed. SO without any further ado, let's begin with the quest. 

Side Quests Part 1

Once the Main Quest: The Intro is completed you get control of your character in the Elder’s house. First thigs first you will do in the same flow:

Floral Delivery
This is in Cassardis by the Inn.

Lost Faith
Go to the Church in Cassardis and talk to Father Clemente

Grim Tidings
Go to the Church in Cassardis and talk to Elvar

Save ReynardReynard
You must save him the first time you leave Cassardis or he will be gone forever. 

Search Party 
Do this Side Quest again to later unlock that Side Quest. 

MAIN QUEST: Call of the Arisen -  Go to the Rift Stone in The Encampment to begin.

Strength in Numbers
In The Encampment, there will be a Guard next to the Notice Board asking if you want to train.

Guard Duty
Go back to Cassardis Inn to meet her after doing the Main Quest.

Deep Trouble
First reach The Encampment and Talk to the guard by the village gate standing by the well.

Note: You must have the exact missions unlocked and completed if you have gone in the same Flow. 

MAIN QUEST: A Rude Awakening - Accept Mercede's offer to rest to begin. 

An Uninvited Guest
Talk to the Inn keeper Pablos in Cassardis to start.

Lost and Found
Go back to Cassardis and find Chief Adaro walking around in Cassardis. 

Talent in Bloom and A Parting Gift
Do this Side Quest again to later unlock those two Side Quests.

MAIN QUEST: Off With Its Head - Speak with Mercedes at The Mountain Waycastle to begin.

Note: It is recommended that you immediately leave and finish Lost and Found once you get to Gran Soren.

Side Quests Part 2

MAIN QUEST: A Matter of Myrmidons - Starts when you Enter Gran Soren.

A Troublesome Tome
Talk to Steffen who is usually next to the Inn in Gran Soren, by Fountain Square.

MAIN QUEST: Lure of the Abyss - Start by talking to Barnaby in the Pawn Guild.

Reaper's Scorn
Talk to the father named Austine outside the Pawn Guild in Gran Soren. 

Bad Business
Do this Side Quest again to later unlock the next Side Quest.

Chasing Shadows
You can find and Speak with Mason walking around in front of the Inn in Gran Soren.

Land of Opportunity
In Gran Soren talk to Fournival who walks around on a set schedule.

Farewell, Valmiro
Do this Side Quest again to later unlock the next Side Quest.

Dying of Curiosity
Go back to Cassardis and talk to Merin the fisherman usually walking around the beach area.

Thick as Thieves
Go to said camp and peacefully complete the tasks they give you.

No Honor Among Thieves
Go to said camp and peacefully complete the tasks they give you.

Note: this Side Quest can be done after meeting the Duke, later in the game if you wish.

Of Merchants and Monsters
Go outside the Ancient Quarry North Entrance, west of Gran Soren. 

Search Party
Buy 10 items from Reynard.Reynard.

Note: Make sure you finish this before doing The Final Battle Main Quest because it will CANCEL then. When you finish this Side Quest Reynard leaves the game forever until NG+, so buy what you want from him before you finish this Side Quest.Reynard leaves the game forever until NG+, so buy what you want from him before you finish this Side Quest.

Earlier to unlock this Side Quest.

Deeper Trouble
Go back to Cassardis after going to Gran Soren where a village man named Rorric will offer the Side Quest.

Side Quests Part 3

Escort Duty
Talk to Fournival again to accept a Side Quest to look after his daughter, Symone. 

MAIN QUEST: There are four Wyrm Hunt Main Quests - The Cypher, A Fortress Besieged, Seeking Salvation, and The Watergod’s Altar given by Ser Maximillian at the Gran Soren palace entrance.

Justice Done
You will complete as you play through the Main Quest Seeking Salvation

MAIN QUEST: Come to Court - Pick “Hear the Duke's directive” from Ser Maximillian.

Side Quests Part 4

MAIN QUEST: Aid the Corps on a hunting expedition - continue to the next Main Quest Trials and Tribulations.

Talent in Bloom
Travel to The Abbey in the forest a bit NW from Ancient Quarry North Entrance. 

Supplier's Demand
Madeleine will give you in Gran Soren at her shop

Idol Worship
Caxton will give you in Gran Soren at his shop next to Fountain Square.

Innocent Man
A little boy named Tomlin is running around Cassardis. Speak with him.

Witch Hunt
Immediately after meeting with the Duke, there will be several townsfolk talking in front of the Gran Soren Inn about Selene. Stand near them and listen to begin.

Mettle against Metal
Enter back into Witchwood and find a golem in the area. 

The Dragon's Tongue
Go back to the Guardian's Grave where you talked to Selene when you finished Witch Hunt. 

The Conspirators
Speak with Chamberlain Fedel to initiate the Side Quest.

Nameless Terror
Speak with Ser Rickart, a guard just outside the South gate of Gran Soren to begin. 

A Parting Gift
Go back to The Abbey and speak with Clarus, a Nun inside the church to begin. 

Rise of the Fallen
Speak to Ser Maximillian at the Gran Soren Castle entrance to begin.

Arousing Suspicion
Speak with Mirabelle in the Castle entrance area to begin. 

Dying of Curiosity
To unlock the next Side Quest.

Farewell, Valmiro
Talk to Valmiro in Cassardis by a lookout at the beach. 

Supply and Demands
Speak to Ser Daerio in Windbluff Tower to begin.

MAIN QUEST: Griffin's Bane and Trial and Tribulations to be completed now.

Side Quests Part 5

MAIN QUEST: The Wyrmking’s Ring and Pride Before a Fall

MAIN QUEST: Honor and Treachery and Reward and Responsibility

Bad Business
Go to Madeleine’s shop in Gran Soren and speak with Katlyn. 

Duchess in Distress
Given by Mirabelle inside the castle grounds and garden area.

MAIN QUEST: Deny Salvation and all remaining Main Quests to be completed 

How to Finish the Game and Start New Game Plus

Once you reach the post-game content after giving the 20 Wakestones to a certain NPC and start New Game Plus. Do not start the Bitterblack Isle mega-dungeon on your first playthrough. Finish the game and reach level 100 on NG+ before trying Bitterblack. 


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