Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen PC List of Undocumented Key-Command just Like Console

List of Undocumented Key-Command

Dragon’s Dogma: Dark Arisen is now available on PC and players have started their journey in the world of Dark Arisen. The player first tries to adjust their keyboard command that they are comfortable with, but there are also undocumented quick commands which you need to know. This Guide will show you the quick command which can be used more handy. 

List of Undocumented Key-Command 

Undocumented Key-Command

This Guide is still under progress so if you have anything to add or something you have discovered in the Dark Arisen then do let us know in the comments below. So let's begin with the Command list.

Quick Save
To make a Quick Save, simply press 'Esc' Button and then press 'I' that is the item short-cut key and your game will be automatically saved.

Unlock Target
If you try to hit the Left-Shift then you can unlock your target while casting spells 

Drop of the Collection
Select an Item and then press start, the screen will prompt you with "Do you want to drop everything in that category into storage". Make sure you don't send you ferrystone along with it. 

Lantern and Curatives
Assign the Hotkeys to your lantern and curatives then you can select any item from your inventory by pressing 1-5. This also helps to 'reboot' your lantern when you get drenched. 

If you have anything to add do post them below nad let us know the undocumented command you have discovered.

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