Metal Gear Online PC - How to Fix the FPS Issue

How to Fix the FPS Issue

Metal Gear Online is now available on PC and those who have already downloaded are facing some issue, but the most common issue was the FPS drops when you start the game in the lobby. This Article will show you how to fix the FPS permanently and how to boost FPS it for smooth gameplay. 

How to Fix the FPS Issue

There might be two reasons why you are facing such issue:

GPU Driver not updated
The First one is very common where the player forgets to put the drivers on automatic updates. You must keep your driver updated in order to run and support the latest games.

Game Run on Integrated Graphics card
There might be a possibility that your game is running on the integrated graphic card and not your dedicated Graphics. in order to Run MGO on Your Dedicated Graphics Card, you must follow the following steps.

Step 1:
Open you Graphic Card Control Panel

Step 2:
Click Programs Settings/ Manage 3D Settings tab

Step 3:
Select the mgo.exe program file

Step 4:
Set it to run from your dedicated Gaming Graphics card

Step 5:
Run the game and see how it boost the FPS

This should fix your issue. If you have any other Issues or error with MGO then do let us know in the comments below. Till then you can have a look at your other Fixes for MGO PC.

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