How to Defeat the Scorpion in Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster

How to Defeat the Scorpion

Resident Evil Zero is a third-person survival horror video game. The gameplay remains largely the same as previous entries in the series, so the player will be facing the most dangerous and Giant boss fights. This RE0 Guide will show you how to defeat the Scorpion in Resident Evil Zero HD.

How to Defeat the Scorpion

Rebecca is ready to explore the dark secrets with Billy where she is put into an event to test her limits and her greatest fears will be realized. Hardly an hour of the gameplay and you come across a Giant Scorpion who look very intimidating. So Make sure you have grabbed all the weapons and items in order to begin with your First Boss Fight.

How to Defeat the Scorpion

Once you have picked the ice pick from the second floor this Giant Scorpion will show up into the train. This Giant Scorpion is very strong and tries to damage us with his big Claws. Once the Cutscene is over take billy and head towards the same way you came, but while running just make sure you aim your gun towards the Scorpion. Once he raises his hands to perform the attack you should shoot him, this will take time but try to keep aiming and time correctly.

Hint: Grab the Hunting rifle from the room with the first aid spray and ammo.

If you manage to hit him in time then you will see him recoil in pain with each bullet. Repeat the same process until you find him dead. You should have patients while aiming so not rush as the claw attack is powerful and you will have a good loss of health. Finally, when you see the Scorpion wailing out load that is the single where he is giving up. 

At the end he will try some rough moves like massive claw swip just before he dies, here you need to be careful as this last attack might take a more damage and you will die only if you are with low health. If Billy stays healthy(Green) then you have chances to survive. Thus, We Successfully end the Giant Boss Scorpion Fight. Now you can head back through the door, but wait first grab the panel opener from the corner of the room.

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