List of Train Brake Codes for Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster

Train Brake Codes

Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster storyline serves as a prequel to the original Resident Evil which covers Rebecca Chambers and her adventure a day prior to the Arklay Laboratory incident. This Guide will show you the list of the Train Codes used in the game and Stop the Train.

Train Brake Codes

In the First part of the Game - The Train, our heroes found themselves inside an abandoned train. Where you need to escape and start our journey. In the Last set of the Mission - Stop the Train! you need to stop the train from crashing and getting down the tracks. As you head inside the front cabin you notice the brake system is implemented differently for this train.

To Activate the Brakes, you must have the first transport the Magnetic Card. Here you must leave Rebecca in the Front cabin and take Billy to jam down to the rear side of the train. Here are the Brake Codes you require to type in a series of numbers and Activate the brake panel in front.

  • 36- 3333333339
  • 67- 7777777774
  • 81- 8888888889

Boom! You have saved the train from crashing and it will come to a halt. If you have any doubts then do let us know. Till then Enjoy Gaming.

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