How to Save Rebecca from the Trapped Room in Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster

How to Save Rebecca from the Trapped Room

In this survival horror video game series, players will experience different puzzles and adventures throughout their gameplay. Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster will take you on relentless undead and other horrifying creatures where our heroes Rebecca Chambers and Billy Coen must find their way out. Here is how you're going to Save Rebecca from the Trapped room and continue the quest. 

How to Save Rebecca from the Trapped Room

As you start the game, within few minutes of gameplay, after activating the power switch you will notice Rebecca falling down to a Trapped room on the second floor through a hole(Train Roof). She cannot escape the room as the door's lock is jammed. To escape from that Trapped room, you must look out for some sharp objects. So Let's start our hunt, with this Saving Rebecca goal.

How to Save Rebecca from the Trapped room

So before we begin the hunt lets just make things clear and handover all the handgun ammo(for now) to Billy as he is the only point of contact here. Take the Keys as well which can be used to run the Service Elevator in the Kitchen and the other is the train key which will open up the conductor’s office in the front car.  

Once you reach the conductor’s office look at the corner of the room where you will see the ladder which drops down. Keep running to the end of the room where you'll see some eggs near the door. Get in the other room in the hallway which contains a gun, a first aid, ink ribbons, and ammo. Take everything you need to and keep a space empty for the ice pick which will be grabbing from the trolley that’s right of the door with eggs.

You will be having your first Boss fight with the Giant Scorpion after you've picked up the ice pick. Take him out and head back to Rebecca from the service elevator and give Rebecca the same ice pick to break through the jammed door. Thus concluding this guide and do have a look at our other Resident Evil Zero HD Remaster Guides.

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