Dragon Dogma: Dark Arisen PC - How to earn 50,000 gold in less than 15 minutes

How to earn 50,000 gold in less than 15 minutes

Earning Gold in Dragon Dogma: Dark Arisen can be easy some players as they might be having a good hands on the game, but we have seen quite a few are still wondering what is the easiest wat to farm gold. This Dragon Dogma: Dark Arisen PC Guide will show you how to earn 50k gold in less than 15 minutes or just by completing a single quest.

How to earn 50,000 gold in less than 15 minutes

If you manage to follow the complete guide then we can assure you, that you will have 50k in less than 15 minutes. All you need to go ahead and complete THE ABSENT APPRENTICE Quest where you need to hunt 45 rabbits. We have the best and the best trick to complete this quest.

First you need to accept the quest "The Absent Apprentice" and then head towards the Cassardis, but before you start moving make sure you have health potions, enhance your swords and buy the best equipment ready. Now Exit Cassardis from the Main Gate and on the Main Road you will see your first 4 or 5 Rabbits near the broken wagon.

Here is the Trick, You can go ahead and slaughter the 4-5 rabbits right there, then instead of walking ahead you must walk back through the Gate. It is very rare to have the 5th rabbit spawn every time. Once you load into the village, head back again through the gate and by now the rabbits will have re-spawned at the same place and you will easily be able to kill your 45 rabbits by repeating the same process.

Lucky Tip: If you are lucky enough then you might find an extra rabbit nest next to the entrance(right after exit) of Cassardis.   

Once you've finished slaughtering 45 rabbits you quest is completed and you will be rewarded with 50,000 gold for a simple rabbit hunt. If you have any doubts then do let us know in comments below.

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