LEGO Marvel’s Avengers - Where to Find All Red Brick Locations Guide

Where to Find All Red Brick Locations Guide

Lego Marvel's Avengers is Lego action-adventure video game where the Player gets the chance to play as the most powerful Super Heroes in their quest to save the world. The game features over two hundred playable characters which will play as characters of the Avengers team. This Guide will show you where to find all the Red Bricks location in LEGO Marvel’s Avenger world.

Where to Find All Red Brick Locations Guide

There are a number of collectibles in LEGO Marvel’s Avengers World such as Red Bricks, Gold Bricks, Minikits and many more. There are different Modes to play and grab those collectibles. This article will show you where to find all 15 Red Brick and what abilities does it unlocks for you. For these, you need to play 'Free-Play Mode' to get the Red Brick as Reward. Once you have obtained the Red Brick you need to purchase it from The Collector’s Room and activate it. 

Where to Find All Red Brick

Level 1 - Instant Finisher
Location: Find the HYDRA tank and use the Hex ability to destroy it just before you destroy the bunker.
Ability: Perform an instant finishing move

Level 2 - Disc Jockey
Location: Once you open the leviathan’s mouth, you must power up a generator in order to make leviathan dance and spit out the Red Brick.
Ability: Hear different music in each level

Level 3 - Stud Multiplier x4
Location: In the center of the road near the Last Stage
Ability: Multiply the value of collected studs by 4

Level 4 - Random Impacts
Location: Get inside the train and keep left and now with the help of the hex power open the locked door and grab the brick.
Ability: Create a range of wacky impact effects when you hit enemies

Level 5 - Fast Build
Location: Walk towards the waterfall and enter the cave. Your brick is waiting on the left side of the cave.
Ability: Build LEGO objects at super speed

Level 6 - Mega Jump
Location: Just after you enter the room where lack Widow slides under Hulk’s legs, you will see a pole on the wall with the brick on the right. 
Ability: Increase the power of Hyper Jumps

Level 7 - Stud Multiplier x6
Location: In the same area where Captain America moves you will see three Asgardian containers and you need to destroy it to grab this one.
Ability: Multiply the value of collected studs by 6

Level 8 - Stud Magnet
Location: You need to fly through the hole in the wall after defeating rappelling Chitauri. Once you get there, hack the terminal and you obtain this Red Brick.
Ability: Triple the range at which studs are collected

Level 9 - Helium Voices
Location: You need to destroy the small blimp which flies past while attacking Chitauri.
Ability: Everyone has squeaky voices

Level 10 - Enemy Loot
Location:  Get through the gold LEGO near the cleaning lift to grab this red brick.
Ability: Enemies will drop studs when defeated

Level 11 - Random Projectiles
Location: You need to spam the red button until an Asgardian block appears in the elevator(control room). Destroy the Block and retrieve the Brick.
Ability: Create a range of wacky shots when you fire ranged attacks

Level 12 - Stud Multiplier x8
Location: On the side of the Mall you will find two red statues with a red bird hanging on it. Take down the left Statue in order to get this Brick.
Ability: Multiply the value of collected studs by 8

Level 13 - Secret Map
Location: Go to the lamppost on the left side of the road when Black Widow starts attacking Ultron.
Ability: A guide to help find collectibles in Manhattan

Level 14 - Stud Multiplier x10
Location: In Sokovia, take a left to find the fountain. Use hulk to pick up the fountain and grab the Brick from underneath.
Ability: Multiply the value of collected studs by 10

Level 15 - Invincibility
Location: In the Second Area, destroy the Asgard bricks and then assemble them in the pieces into a jukebox.
Ability: Become invulnerable to damage from enemies

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