The Witness Puzzle Guide: How To Enter The First Bunker

The Witness

The latest puzzle game by Jonathan Blow, The Witness, is filled with, well, puzzles. One of these at the beginning of the game is actually hard to be completed and challenging – here's how you can solve it. Close to the beginning you will find a puzzle on the door of a bunker with white and black dots and hexagons.

The Witness

At the actual beginning you will notice a force field you can't unlock unless you solve the three puzzle nearby. Then, you will find yourself on a little path: go along it and you will see a bunker on your left. Ignoring it will make you have a puzzle a bit more in the distance and that's where you will get the basics about how to play The Witness.

By the way, this puzzle will require you to go between the fields marked with black and white dots, while picking up every black hexagon along the way. Here's a video (via YouTube user Gosunoob) detailing how you can concretely solve this puzzle, which is challenging but if you think about it... you will wonder why you didn't get the solution earlier.

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