Final Fantasy Explorers Guide To The Cloudless Prism

Final Fantasy Explorers

The Cloudless Prism is an very useful instrument for you to create special weapons in Final Fantasy Explorers: here's where and how you can find it. First, beat Shiva so you can get access to the area where you will find the Cloudless Prism. Warp to the Tinze Shore from the airship, then proceed East of the map until you reach the Tinze Tunnels connected to the beach.

Final Fantasy Explorers

Going through Shiva's caves, you will find small, bluish white crystal packs on the floor. Grab a good number of those crystals so you can actually have a good chance to find a Cloudless Prism among them.

In the tunnels you will find up to three crystals you can loot, but sometimes you will get zero or even six, it's a bit of a randomic thing. Warp back home when you are ready but don't forget you can always return in that location and get some other crystals. This is the way you will be able to get the most powerful weapons in the game, among those: the Revolver Sword from Final Fantasy VIII.

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