The Witness: Walkthrough Part 3 - Artist’s Studio, Symmetry, Beach Art House and Oasis Island

Artist’s Studio, Symmetry, Beach Art House and Oasis Island

As you progress in the game, the difficulty level will start increasing and making the game more mind-bending. After the exploration of the Mysterious White Door, we continue our journey towards the new area called the Artist’s Studio which is near the Symmetry set. Let's start the next Walkthrough of The Witness.

Artist’s Studio, Symmetry, Beach Art House and Oasis Island

Walkthrough Part 3 - Artist’s Studio, Symmetry, Beach Art House and Oasis Island

Once you enter the Island, you must find the path looking through the glass of the Puzzle at Objects in the background and trace them via their reflections. First You will come across the Beach Art House you will again be introduced to the new type of puzzle called the Symmetry Puzzles. These Puzzles have two symmetry lines which you should get to the end point avoiding all the obstacles or collecting the hexagonal dots. Here are the Examples:

the-witness-walkthrough-part3-as-1.jpg   the-witness-walkthrough-part3-as-2.jpg   the-witness-walkthrough-part3-as-3.jpg   the-witness-walkthrough-part3-as-4.jpgthe-witness-walkthrough-part3-as-5.jpg   the-witness-walkthrough-part3-as-6.jpg

Oasis Island

After completing the puzzles on Beach Art House, we move forward to the class where we come across Oasis Island gate(First Red branch). Here there are puzzles where you need to pick up the hexagonal dots in order to complete the maze. Activate the Power cable and move to the next set. As you keep moving to the next set the puzzles start becoming too complicated. you will have to pick up the yellow and blue hexagonal dots along to finish the last few puzzles. 

Hint: Find the Audio Tap on the ground next to the 3rd set of Puzzle 

the-witness-walkthrough-part3-os-1.jpg   the-witness-walkthrough-part3-os-2.jpg   the-witness-walkthrough-part3-os-3.jpg   the-witness-walkthrough-part3-os-4.jpg

the-witness-walkthrough-part3-os-5.jpg   the-witness-walkthrough-part3-os-6.jpg   the-witness-walkthrough-part3-os-9.jpg   the-witness-walkthrough-part3-os-10.jpg

Once you complete all the puzzles you will unlock a laser which points towards the end of the game. 

the-witness-walkthrough-part3-end-1.jpg   the-witness-walkthrough-part3-end-2.jpg   the-witness-walkthrough-part3-end-3.jpg

Thus Finishing yet another walkthrough of The Witness. if you have any doubts do let us know in the comments below.

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