Tom Clancy's The Division (Beta): Fastest and Easiest Way To Level Up

Tom Clancy's The Division Level Up Fast Guide

The much awaited closed beta of Tom Clancy's The Division beta is now available for play on Xbox One. For those who want to know some simple tips and tricks to level-up faster in Tom Clancy's The Division closed beta, the details provided below is just made for them. It is a quick guide on how to level up as fast and efficiently as possible in Tom Clancy's The Division (Thanks to YouTube user Arekkz).

Tom Clancy's The Division Level Up Fast Guide

Many months back, Ubisoft announced that The Division is an RPG at its core, and this element is going to help players level up fast in the on-going closed beta, here's how: RPG at its core implies that anything players will do in the game will get them an XP points: killing enemies, capturing intel, discover new location on maps and so on.

The best and the easiest way to level up fast in Tom Clancy's The Division is to complete the story mission. As you successfully complete each mission you get an XP. In order to increase the number of XP points you get for a particular task, just complete it on higher difficulty setting. Holding Y on Xbox One and Triangle on PlayStation 4 will increase difficulty setting in The Division. Replay mission as much as you want to get as much XP as you can.

For more interesting tips and tricks on how to level-up fast in Tom Clancy's The Division, watch the video guide below.

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