Tom Clancy's The Division: 4 Most Important Tips and Tricks For The Beginners

Tom Clancy's The Division

Tom Clancy's The Division closed beta is now available for all the platforms, so there is a good amount of chances you might need a hand not to lose yourself in the streets of Manhattan. We have a series of good tips and tricks for you before you play the beta, actually, so here we are.

Tom Clancy's The Division

1. Try and reach level 12 in the Dark Zone and levle 8 in story/PVE mode, as you will be able only starting from those levels to buy purple and superior gear from the vendors (located in purple on the map). Once you reach those levels don't forget to visit all of the five vendors in the Dark Zone, as the game changes really fast and you will need good weapons to face it.

2. Good thing for you is to invest your money as soon as you can on gear, weapons and in general on equipment, as that's the most useful way you can spend it in The Division. In the Dark Zone this is slightly different as money in there is a bit rarer than in the rest of the game, so be careful in what you invest on.

3. Look at these more practical tips. Watch out when you are in the Extraction Zones, waiting for the helicopter to grab you and bring in the safe zone. That's the most dangerous thing you will be able to do in the game, so wait for the helicopter staying very carefully in the safest spots possible. To avoid ambush it is also very helpful to use undeground tunnels.

4. Of course, it is also very helpful that you get in a fireteam or found a new one, as four guns are better than just one, and all of the members allow you to have additional fast travel options.

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