Tom Clancy's The Division Fast Travel Guide: How To Discover It and PC/PS4/XB1 Command To Activate It

Tom Clancy's The Division

Tom Clancy's The Division beta supports Fast Travel on all platforms. All you need to do is play with certain key combinations of the controller and that's it. Massive Entertainment hid the Fast Travel and you need a got hand-eye co-ordination to discover it. In this guide, I  (with the help from our friend at PowerPyx) have provided details regarding how to discover Fast Travel option in Tom Clancy's The Division and what key combinations to use to activate it on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Tom Clancy's The Division

Please note that the Fast Travel is available only in select few locations, basically, the locations marked with Orange icons on the map, few examples that support it are Base of Operations, Safe Houses and others (sadly, not in Dark Zone). Here's how you can activate it: Open a world map, scroll over an icon check top left corner and you will see/get a prompt for Fast Travel.

Here is the key combinations for different platforms to use in order to confirm Fast Travel: On PS4: press Square and then X, on Xbox One: press X and then A, and on PC: press the key you are using for reloading weapons and confirm it with a key that you are using to place markers on the map.

After you have done this, an arrow will appear on screen pointing towards a destination and then a loading icon.


Fast travel is in the Division and it works quite simple. The Base of Operation and the Safe Houses are fast-travel points that you can select. These fast-travel-points can be selected on the Mega-Map and then with "fast travel" you just jump to this location. You won't be able to fast-travel in the Dark Zone, so you have to use one of the checkpoints to exit the Dark Zone.

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