The Witness: Easter Eggs and Secret Hidden Nature Figures Location Guide

Easter Eggs and Secret Hidden Nature Figure

The Witness is one of the best open world puzzle games we have come across. It takes the player through various puzzles and adventures alone on a strange island. This game is one hell of a ride even for those who are a master at solving the puzzle. There are various collectibles, Easter eggs, and secret hidden places that can be found on this strange island. This Guide will show you where to find the Easter Eggs and Secret Hidden Nature Figures.

Easter Eggs and Secret Hidden Nature Figure

Easter Eggs and Secret Hidden Nature Figures

As we mentioned the Witness game sets on a lone island where you there are no limits for exploration. The Witness fans have already been hunting for so many hidden figures and Easter eggs. You can also help us with contributing your findings for Easter eggs and Nature figures. One of the Steam User - MadMax, have located few Secret Figure and here are their location.

Secret Figure 1


Secret Figure 2


Secret Figure 3


Secret Figure 4


Secret Figure 5


Secret Figure 6


Secret Figure 7


Secret Figure 8


Secret Figure 9


Secret Figure 10


Feel free to post your finding in the comments below and also share your experience for The Witness below. Enjoy.

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