XCOM 2 - How to Unlock Psi-Operative Class

How to Unlock Psi-Operative Class

Psi-Operative Class in XCOM 2 specializes in the use of Psionic powers to buff allies and damage enemies. The Soldiers in this class uses assault rifles as primary weapons and a hand-held Psi Amp as secondary. The Secondary weapon will automatically be used when casting psionic abilities. This Guide Shows you how to unlock the fifth class - Psi-Operative in XCOM 2.

How to Unlock Psi-Operative Class

Psi-Operative Class is the most powerful class to dominate in both the offensive and defensive measures. The Class does guarantee psionic damage to an organic enemy while ignoring the cover and armor of the enemies. In order to unlock this ultimate class early in the game you must achieve the following:

Terminate Sectoid

Turn your Main goal to terminate all the Sectoid as these are also a threat to your squad. You must start this at a very early stage and whenever you get the opportunities to target them. You can find their corpse at the back of the base so once you are done taking down, head directly to the research lab. Now start helping Dr. Tygan to perform Sectoid Autopsy. This is a time-consuming process so if you want you can continue with side objectives until he finishes the work.

Hint: Use Flashbangs as they can easily break Sectoid mind and disorient enemies

Helping Hand and Research Psionic

Once Dr. Tygan has finished his research on Sectoid Autopsy, you can ask him to proceed with the research on Psionic and see what the outcome comes out to be. Well, this is also the same time-consuming process so if you want you can continue with side objectives until he informs you about the progress.

Building Psi Lab

Now that Dr. Tygan has successfully researched the Psionic, you are now ready to build the Psi Lab. Check out the Build Facilities list and select Psi Lab from the list to Build it. It is one huge investment for a startup, but the good thing is you are unlocking one of the powerful class. It will take 21 days to build and 55 supplies monthly to keep up to date.  

Bring out the Beast

You are all set to assign one of your Soldier to go under Psi Training and learn the Psionic powers. The training will be carried in the Psi Lab and once the training is completed you are ready to bring out your first Beast. Your very first Psi-Operative is ready and you can help him gain new abilities and no more promotions required(only for this class). 

The Psi Operatives must return to their PsiLab for training and improvement. Upgrading the Psi Amp will increase the effectiveness of certain Psionic abilities. The Soldier can learn each and every Psi ability from the Telepath and Resonant Brach of the Skill Tree.

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