XCOM 2 Guide: How To Enable/Unlock Ironman Mode


XCOM 2 is now available as a PC exclusive game. As you should know if you have played the first game in the rebooted series, dubbed Enemy Unknown, this is a strategic title where you have a chance to play in a special Ironman Mode. It is one of the options you get offered at the start of the game, and makes it autosave on a single slot all the time so you can't undo any decisions. With our guide we will explain you how to start the game in Ironman Mode.


The steps you have to take are in order: 1. choose New Game; 2. select your difficulty, any of your choice as this doesn't affect the mode to proper work; 3. uncheck tutorial; 4. click start game; 5. select Enable Ironman.

Of course, this mode is suggested for people who consider themselves hardcore gamers and don't really mind reloading the entire game or deal with dramatic situations where they lose their entire teams and can't reload the save from the beginning of a tough fight.

You can also work around this mode with a little trick that will both allow you to have a parachute in case you do some huge mistakes you completely regret about or your save files get corrupted: just make a backup copy of your save file. You will find the save file at this location on your computer (“C:” stands for whatever is the name of the hard drive where the installation files are located):

  • C:\Users\your-username\Documents\My Games\XCOM2\XComGame\SaveData

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