XCOM 2 Guide: How To Unlock Pre-Order Bonuses


XCOM 2 is now available as a PC exclusive game. As you should know if you have played the first game in the rebooted series, dubbed Enemy Unknown, this is a strategic title that, as many other modern video games, have pre-order bonuses to be unlocked once you have the game in your hands. In this guide we will explain you how to unlock XCOM 2 pre-order bonuses.


If you pre-ordered and pre-purchased XCOM 2 or XCOM 2 Digital Deluxe Edition you will receive the Resistance Warrior Pack, featuring additional soldier customization options (outfits, headger, custom facial war paint) and a familiar survivor from the past of the series – Survivor of the Old War, a new XCOM recruit for you to get in the Avenger's barracks.

You will find the Resistance Warrior Kevlar Armor in the loadout menu, under the customization options. The Survivor of the Old War is a normal recruit wearing an XCOM Enemy Unknown outfit, for you to find in the Avenger's barracks.

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