XCOM 2: How to Collect the Vial and Defeat The Advent Blacksite Mission

How to Collect the Vial and Defeat The Advent Blacksite Mission

XCOM 2 is the sequel to the award-winning strategy game, XCOM: Enemy Unknown and ready to set in another record. You will take control of XCOM forces must rise and eliminate the alien occupation. This Guide will show you how to defeat the Advent Blacksite Mission with ease.

How to Collect the Vial and Defeat The Advent Blacksite Mission

The game mechanics are so well designed that you're going to lose your close soldiers if you don't take the right move. The game will throw you into worst situations sometimes and you should be ready for everything. This Guide we will discuss on how to beat The Advent Blacksite Mission, our goal is to collect the Vial and escape without being Dead.

How to Defeat The Advent Blacksite Mission

The Advent Blacksite is one of the First Tough Mission you will come across so we need to make sure that we have the right troops. We recommend using Rangers, Grenadiers and Sharpshooters as basics, but if you are comfortable with something else then go for it. Just make sure all your soldiers are not Rookies, otherwise, you will lose that for sure.  

Once we done with the recruiting now it's to plan a good strategy. So we know our objective and hence, we should be assured with our every move. Do not Rush. All we need to plan is how and when to enter the building and grab those vials. It will be better if you finish all the enemies and be sure you keep saving you progress. This will help you to reload and try again without losing any of your Soldier.

Note: The Enemies will randomly spawn/placed every time you load the mission.

Take it slow and easy, set up your squad to the best possible way take out all the enemies. It is ok to lose few troops or load up your saves. Target all the Sectoid first and then the rest of the aliens. Once you get your hands on that vial, enemy reinforcements will chip in and here do not panic. Simply run towards the exit and ignore all the aliens. Thus Completing the mission with ease. 

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