XCOM 2: How to Pass the Time Limit

How to Pass the Time Limit

XCOM 2 is a brilliant strategy game and has maintained the players expectations where you take control of XCOM forces must rise and eliminate the alien occupation. You need Supplies to Build and Upgrade you Facilities, Soldier Recruitment and many more. These Upgrades take time/days to complete the process. This guide will show you how to pass the time limit and get over with the research and missions early.  

How to Pass the Time Limit

Tired of Waiting? No worries by the end of this guide you will learn how to past the time limit and get things done as quickly as possible. The Time which we are talking about to skip is for the Missions, Upgrades for research and building. These updates take days to finish so let's just learn how to skip this time.

How to Pass the Time Limit

Whenever you put something on upgrade or out for mission you might have noticed a scanning icon once you click the particular tower or base. All you need to do is press that scanning icon and it will show you a message that utilizes the bonuses to scan the intel and pass the time. This is quite useful and handy for skipping time  for research or facilities and building.  

Now that you know how to skip the time go save your time and upgrade faster. Also, have a look at our other Guide for XCOM 2.

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