XCOM 2: How to Remove the Unfinished Gamepad Support

How to Remove the Unfinished Gamepad Support

XCOM 2 is one of the most amazing strategy game where every level the player will have to cross their limits in order to survive from the awful aliens. There have been complaining of the unfinished gamepad support which will affect their overall gameplay. This XCOM 2 Guide will help you remove the unfinished gamepad support issue.

How to Remove the Unfinished Gamepad Support

How to Remove the Unfinished Gamepad Support

Like every gamer has their expectation from the game, it should be up to the mark and especially with the gameplay. There is third party software which can easily add up the gamepad support such as JOY2Key. Unfinished Gamepad issue makes things more frustrated and thus we started looking out for fixes. One of the Steam User took his time out to share the fixes for the gamepad issue.

All you need to do is download few Config files from the PasteBin, and replace them with the original files. NOTE: you must backup your original files first before replacing. There is a Readme file as well which shows you how to install and where to paste these files.

Once you have pasted the .ini files then you are good to Go with the playing the JOY2Key with full go. Here are the JOY2Key bindings:

  • Left Analogue Stick Up/Down/Right/Left: Mouse Pointer Movement.
  • Right Analogue Stick Up/Down/Right/Left: Camera Pan. 
  • Left/Right: also cycles through unit skills. 
  • Dpad Up/Down: Camera/Cursor height up/down one floor
  • Dpad Right/Left: Camera Rotation.
  • Left Shoulder (L1): Select Previous Unit/Target.
  • Right Shoulder (R1): Select Next Unit/Target.
  • Left Trigger (L2): Interact with an object like doors and such.
  • Right, Trigger (R2): Similar to left click on an enemy and it brings up a target screen and starts with your first unit skill (usually Shoot or Overwatch), and press this button again to confirm skill use.
  • Start: Escape button which either backs out of something or brings up a menu.
  • R3: Pause/Break button 

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