XCOM 2 Guide: How To Increase Squad Members Up To Six Units


XCOM 2 allows you to have a team of four members from the start-up. However, as the level of difficulty increases, you can see your slots' number increase up to six. How's this possible? In this guide we will explain you how to make it and how to go through XCOM 2 without being beaten the hell up by that alien scum.


Make sure to have room at your base, first; you should be doing it anyway, because you will need an excavation room for your Guerilla Tactics School (GTS) facility. Once built, you'll have the option of increasing your squad by one for some supplies and one more time afterwards. Now you can really destroy the enemy forces with a full six person troop.

Build the facility as soon as you can in the game, as this allows you to have a better time while trying to complete some of the most difficult missions, and also train the rookies you have in your squad to make them more competitive in the fight.

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