Unravel Walkthrough Chapter 1 - Thistle and Weeds, Yarny

Walkthrough Chapter 1 - Thistle and Weeds

One of the Most awaited puzzle games in 2016 is the Unravel. Unravel is physics-based puzzle platform video game where the player takes control of Yarny, a small creature made of red yarn and explores the world around him by using his own body. Let's check out how the Yarny's Journey begins in this Chapter 1 of Unravel.

Walkthrough Chapter 1 - Thistle and Weeds

Chapter 1 - Thistle and Weeds, Yarny

Once you start he New Game, a cutscene begins where old Granny smiles looking at the old pictures of her family. Once the Cutscenes over our character Yarny(red Yarn) comes to live and the Journey Begins.

First you will be introduced to the basic controls, so take full advantage and know everything you can. Enjoy the incredibly intense graphics and the start of your journey. The Yellow Book of Memories when open has few faded pages, well those are not faded memories, but you need to go out and know everything about Granny's Family. Move ahead and Jump up to look at the photo Frame which reads the Chapter 1's title 'Thistle and Weeds'.

Thistle and Weeds

After the Cutscene, you will be outside the House and start discovering the environment. After a few steps forwards, you will suddenly run out of yarn. Don't worry as this is the First Chapter you will be learning everything about the game mechanics, and how you are supposed to Play. Throw the Lasso up and grab those extra yarn to recover yourself.

Now the Next part is to solve the puzzle by moving the objects and Make your way forward. You need to Pull both the Pot Backword and then make your way. The Next part is to Swing with the Lasso. To Do so, you need to get close and when the Hook starts to glitter that the time when you should throw the Lasso. 

You will notice a memory of a Boy in the Garden and that memory will now be with you forever. Climb the Glittered Surface and now here is the tricky part, you need to jump first and then as the Hook glitters you will throw the lasso to grab it and swing to the other side. Now a new mechanics to learn where you need to build a yarn bridge to make a surface and slingshot off the yarn Bridges.

Now that you have learned these new techniques you must start climbing and tie knots to make your way through. Once done you will again be running out off your yarn so grab that little one from the top and learn how to jump down from certain platforms. Remember not to jump over as you might die(even there is now health bar). 

Checkpoint 1

Once you down grab that Whirling Light, This is your Checkpoint now whenever you get stuck or quit then you will be starting the level from here. Go ahead and break the Tap then head back and climb up with the help of your yarn. Build a Bridge and bring the apples into the water to make the Apple Bridge. Move Ahead and pull the lever off the chair to make your way. Now that you see you are about to run out of yarn so the best way to get that is head down after pulling the lever. you will see the yarn inside the box which can be free by pulling the plant. 

Now once you are full yarned up head down and pull the tricycle with you to jump over the Gate. Grab more yarn you will see your next collectible chipped into the rock up. Then Head back and grab the hook with a lasso, swing more to get a good push and keep climbing like this. You will notice another memory of the girl on the treehouse. Get some more yarn by pulling the plant down.

As you head down you will find a B block which you need to pull until you come across a see-saw. Then use the lasso to swing and grab the hook under the Tires to get to the other side. The window will get close automatically once you head up to the window. Grab Another Yarn and make the second checkpoint clear.

Checkpoint 2 

Now the Things has got real dark somehow and with the light the game mechanics have also been changed, now you need to be extra careful on how to use your Yarn and where to tie the knots in order to make you way fast and without wasting yarn. The Hint here is one bridge at the time which will help you save your yarn and make an easy way. Grab the Block and take it up to make it as you jumping platform and First Head up to the Left to Grab the Final Collectible of Chapter 1. Let the cutscene begin where you will be tossed out of the room into the garden again. Grab the yarn which will complete our first Walkthrough and Continue with the Second Walkthrough - The Sea. Do Watch the Cutscene where you will see the actual photos where you have a player the game and the memories of Granny.

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