How To Install and Start Dying Light: The Following Campaign (Update)

Dying Light: The Following

Dying Light: The Following is finally available for download on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. This story DLC is available for free of cost for the Dying Light Season Pass holder while others will have to pay/buy it separately. Dying Light: The Following adds a drivable all-terrain dirt buggies, a new map which is of the same size as all other maps in Dying Light combined. Many players are finding it difficult on how to Install and Start the campaign in Dying Light: The Following, and if you are among one of those players then don't worry as the guide below provides all the details you need to know about this topic.

Dying Light: The Following

How To Download and Install Dying Light: The Following:

  • After updating the game (with the latest patch, its patch 1.09 on PS4), Load the game up.
  • From the Main Menu, Select Extras, Select PlayStation Store, Download "The Following" DLC

How to start Dying Light: The Following Campaign

Many Dying Light players are confused about how to start a campaign in Dying Light: The Following. Please note that The Following is separate from the main game, so to start a The Following campaign you need to go to "Play -> The Following". Here you will be able to select your save file and difficulty.

If you are facing any issues with Dying Light: The Following, share it with us in the comment section below, we will let you know how to fix that issue.


The only way I have right now to start Dying Light: The Following Campaign is this: After you have completed the downloading of the update, go to EXTRAS and download the "The Following" DLC. If you do not have the option to download The Following DLC then log into the PlayStation Store or Xbox Store online and start the download from there.

According to the report from our readers (comment section is full of it): Nothing seems to be working for anyone. After downloading the 8GB patch on PlayStation 4 (and 17GB on Xbox One), the store does not open from the game. Also, restarting does not change anything. Going to PSN store (via PS4 and even via the web) does not help as Dying Light: The Following can't be found. Accessing GAME in My LIBRARY -> Related Items list "NONE".

It seems like you guys have to be a bit more patient and wait for an update from Techland.


A simple trick on how to get Dying Light The Following before it releases in your region. The trick mention below is for Dying Light players on Xbox One with Season Pass. In many region (Switzerland and other) Dying Light: The Following is scheduled to launch on February 12.

Here is a trick to get it early:

  1. Go into /Settings/System/Language and Region, change your language to English US and set the Region to United States. After that completely reboot your Xbox One.
  2. Once you've rebooted go to the Store, search for "Dying Light" and download "The Following DLC" (Should be marked as ready to install).
  3. After the download has completed , start the game and check if you can play "The Following" (Should be possible now).
  4. Now simply change your Region & Language back to your previous Settings and reboot your console again.

Congrats, you can now play "The Following" before it's released in you region.


This is the first menu, the game presents you with. Here you need to press/select the "PLAY" button


As you select "Play" you will get the following screen, now click on "Play The Following":


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