Dying Light: The Following DLC Where to find the Bad Plug Blueprints Location Guide

Where to find the Bad Plug Blueprints

In this Dying Light The Following DLC there are new improved visuals, major gameplay enhancements, and not to forget the parkour-fueled zombies. The Players You need to collect items such as notes, voicemails, Battle Journals, Blueprints and many more to survive. This Guide will show you all the locations for Bad Plug Blueprints across the Dying Light: The Following DLC Map.

Where to find the Bad Plug Blueprints

While using your weapons you can now add up with some minor boost which will come in your handy. The Bad Plug can add a medium electrical discharge to your weapons. You need to find the Blueprints and the items necessary for crafting to upgrade your weapons. 

Where to find the Bad Plug Blueprint

In order to grab this blueprint, you must head north of Jasir's farm until you come across a Building near to the road. Here is the exact location where you will find the Building. Go inside the building and check out for the shelves and obtain these blueprints. 

dying-light-bad-plug-blueprint-1.jpg   dying-light-bad-plug-blueprint-2.jpg   dying-light-bad-plug-blueprint-3.jpg   dying-light-bad-plug-blueprint-4.jpg

Now you are al set to craft the upgrade to your weapon, but to do so, you require each of the following parts. Once you are done with the crafting you can add up the upgrade to your bladed weapons like knives. Enjoy and yeah here are the crafting materials.

  • Metal Parts
  • Plastic
  • Chemicals
  • Power Cable

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