Dying Light: The Following DLC - Walkthrough Part 5 - Power To The People and Buggy Grail

Power To The People and Buggy Grail

Just like we complete Jasir's Side Quest, it's time to head to Bilal and Help to finish his side quest in order to get noticed by the Faceless. You need to work hard and earn your Rank in order to Meet the Mother. So let's get started with Bilal's Side Quest and help his people.

Power To The People and Buggy Grail

Power To The People

Once you have spoken with Bilal he will inform with help for your buggy and in return, you can help him out with the parts and quests. The Power to the People will be the very first mission for you to take over. The Power will cut off once you get outside Bilal's building os select the mission and let's get started with.


Ask Bilal about the power plant

Bilal will hand over you the fuse which you need to give it to Ali and help him fix the power issue. The Second thing you need is the working insulator which can be found on the power pole and then get to Ali.


Find an insulator on the Power Pole 

As Bilal said you need two things to Handover Ali so go out and head towards the marked area. You need to Climb the big red power pole which is next to the highway so be careful and then at the edge is the working insulator. Once you kick it, head down and obtain it. 


Meet Ali at the power point near the Daam

Now that you have both the item for Ali let's meet him near the Daam. Head inside the Power Plant and search for Ali, look for some chant about Mother nearby and there you will find him. He is with once of the Faceless, but Ali refuses to talk to him at that moment and ask us to turn on the transfer switch which is inside the Daam.


Get inside the Daam and Turn on the Main Switch

I know you are surprised seeing the Big monster, and you would probably thinking how to defeat him, but guess what we are about to turn on the switch and Runaway coz that awful beast is one tough cookie. Once you've turned on the Switch its time to head down.


Turn on the Transfer Switch and Return to Ali Through the Sewers

Once you are down turn on the Transfer switch from the back of the room(check the map) and Ali will ask you to hurry up as the zombie are no more control in Faceless power. So head to the Sewers, which is underground, jump in the water and go towards the next Door to open the Gate. here you might have to face few zombies so be prepared for it. Then Climb up to meet Ali.


Talk To Ali

Ali informs that he has successfully hidden in the crane but Faceless is still outside to get there quickly to investigate. You must kill all the zombies in order to ask Ali to come outside. 


Defend Ali and Talk to Him

Ali is yet to finish the work for the power supply and till that time, you must kill all the nearby zombies and do not let them harm Ali. So do not leave the area, simply stand there and protect him. Once you defeat all the zombies go talk to him and the end of the mission.


Buggy Grail 

This is a very short mission where you need to check out the Silas truck stranded on a highway and see what he has to deal with the parts. Once you start his mission, head towards the highway where we saw the Power Pole in the previous mission.


Get to the Silas Truck Stranded on highway

Drive to the marked location and then climb the highway. The truck is placed in between of the highway so you need to make a good jump in order to get there. Be careful and as you get near the truck you will start hearing voices of a man. Get inside the Container.


Talk to the Trucker

It was the Trucker inside, talk to him and check out the part you can buy that can help you and Bilal to fix your buggy. Once you are done talking with him the place becomes safe zone for you so enjoy and the mission ends with the Walkthrough. Check out our next Walkthrough Guide Part 6 - Well That's A Cave.


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