Dying Light: The Following DLC - Walkthrough Part 8 - Gathering, Mother and Drought

Gathering, Mother and Drought

Finally after gaining the locals trust by completing the Side Objectives, we are being invited to attend one of the sacred ceremonies which these people use to stay away from zombies. Let's check out what will happen next the Main Story Quest - Gathering Walkthrough of Dying Light: The Following.

Gathering, Mother and Drought

The Gathering

Once you have completed all the side quest you will receive an invitation to attend one of the sacred ceremonies. This is the chance to meet he Faceless and the Mother to know the secret and get the cure for your people.


Get to the Eye of the Sun

Go to the Marked location and climb the mountains to get inside the cave. Keep climbing until you reach the top and open the door to the Eye of the Sun. Get inside and a cutscene will begin. After the cutscene, Acolyte will contact you and inform you how mother cured him and you need to continue serving her to get all your answers.


Continue Aiding the Children of the Sun

You contact Lena to update her, but due to some network issue, she didn't get to know. Leave the area via zip line and within few minutes, Acolyte will again contact you to inform about some plane crash. 


Drought(Side Quest)

Now head to Jasir to complete the Side Quest Drought, it's looks like something's gone again wrong with the pumping station again. So Head towards the Pumping station and investigate what's wrong with the Water.


Defeat the Bandits

As the Door is locked you must enter via pumping(lake). Get inside and take down all the bandits and what you see is Bekir coming out of the room. He will surrender to you and tell you everything about poisoning the water. Kill Bekir take his awesome blade weapon. 


Restore the Power

Head up and Restore the Power and leave the area. You will soon be getting the Plane Crash site which you need to Investigate in our next Walkthrough Part 9 - Crash Boom Bang.


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