Street Fighter V: RYU Moves List for Unique Attacks, Special Moves and Critical Art

RYU Moves List for Unique Attacks, Special Moves and Critical Art

Street Fighter V is now available and with 16 fighters all set to fight with the brand new attacks and additional techniques which will special attacks unique to each fighter. This Guide will show you each and every attack for RYU in Street Fighter V and how to Perform them in the Battle. Here is the complete Data for RYU and his Attacks. 

RYU Moves List for Unique Attacks, Special Moves and Critical Art

RYU - Eternal Wanderer

RYU comes as the basic character to learn in every series and a very easy one to master at an early stage. He is one of the best personality in the Street Fighter series, he is humble, silent and a very respectful person who wants to master the martial arts by training hard and at its best. Here is the RYU's overview as a Character. 

Info Card

  • Skills: Can Sleep Anywhere
  • Occupation: Martial Artist
  • Fight Style: Ansatsuken​
    • Power: 4/5
    • Range: 2/5
    • Health: 3/5
    • Mobility: 3/5
    • Technique: 3/5

Moves List

Normal Throws

Shoulder Throw (When Close to Opponent)

sfv-direction-right.jpg or sfv-N.jpg+sfv-hand-low.jpgsfv-kick-low.jpg

Somersault Throw (When Close to Opponent)



Mind's Eye



Denjin Renki

sfv-hand-high.jpg + sfv-kick-high.jpg


Hashogeki (During Guard)


Unique Attacks

Collarbone Breaker


Solar Plexus Strike

sfv-direction-right.jpg sfv-hand-high.jpg

Axe Kick

sfv-direction-left.jpg+ sfv-kick-high.jpg

Jodan Nirengeki


Jodan Sanrengeki


Special Moves

Hadoken sfv-ex.jpg

sfv-direction-1.jpg+ sfv-hand.jpg

Shoryuken sfv-ex.jpg


Tatsumaki Senpukyaku sfv-ex.jpg

sfv-direction-6.jpg+ sfv-kick.jpg

Airborne Tatsumaki Senpukyaku sfv-ex.jpg(During Forward Jump)

sfv-direction-6.jpg+ sfv-kick.jpg

Critical Art

Shinku Hadoken

sfv-direction-1.jpgsfv-direction-1.jpg+ sfv-hand.jpg

Denjin Hadoken (During V-Trigger)

sfv-direction-1.jpgsfv-direction-1.jpg+ sfv-hand.jpg

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