Street Fighter V: How to Fix the Fight Stick or Controller issue

How to Fix the Fight Stick or Controller issue

Street Fighter is back with another installment of their series after seven long years. The game features tons of awesome features with new skills and abilities included. The game is now available and there have been some issues with the Fight Stick for few users. This Guide will show you how to fix the controller issue for Street Fighter V and start playing the game with ease.

How to Fix the Fight Stick or Controller issue

We have noticed Street Fighter fans are complaining about the controls and the support for the Fight Stick issue. We have a temporary solution for you to fix it and start playing until there is new update or patch from Capcom. We will be using a third party software which will help you fix the controller settings. Here is how you will be doing it.

How to Fix the Fight Stick

Step 1:

Download the Software JoytoKey

Step 2:

Unpack the Zip file and Open the Software

Step 3:

Go to File -> New and make new Profile 

Step 4:

After creating Profile Go to Settings -> Configure Joystick

Step 5:

Select the Second Tab "Advanced setting for each device"

Step 6:

In the preferred joystick device section select 'Joystick 1'

Step 7:

Click on your Profile and then start editing your controls

Step 8:

In order to Rebind the Keys, Click on Input and then Edit the Button Assignment option. 

Step 9:

Start setting your control in the Keyboard Tab and then press OK to confirm.

Step 10:

You have successfully edited your Controller.

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