Dying Light: The Following DLC - Walkthrough Part 14 - An Unfinished Story, Inspect Cult Places and Temple Of The Sun

Walkthrough Part 14 - An Unfinished Story, Inspect Cult Places and Temple Of The Sun

Once you have fixed the cables, powered up and update Atilla in Walkthrough part 13, he will ask you to investigate the three monoliths which are very important for their research and these monoliths have special features. Let's check out each of the monoliths and describe Atilla about the same.

Walkthrough Part 14 - An Unfinished Story, Inspect Cult Places and Temple Of The Sun

An Unfinished Story

Inspect all the Cult Places

There are three cult places you need to head to find the monoliths. We will start investigating from the shortest path that is straight about 700m. Once You reach there There will be Giant waiting for you so kill the nearby zombies first and then the Giant or else directly jump into the water after the yellow mark narrows down. You will see the Religious Site on the stone and Faceless cover on it. 


Then Head to the Second Cult Place which will be 70-80m away. The Place is in the middle of the sea so it's easy to reach there. Climb the rock to the top to see the Religious Site. There will be three zombies waiting for you so don't be shocked to see them. 


Once you inform the old painting to Atilla, he will ask you to move on to the last site which is 1km away. Once you reach there, start hunting the nearby zombies if they come in a bunch. Inform Atilla about the third Site and then he will ask you to start climbing on a tallest Mountain - Temple of the Sun. 


Find the Temple of the Sun

The mountain's location will be marked on your map so go ahead and climb the mountain. You will see the Tower of Stones which will be common through the mountain so if you see them then you are on the right track. As you keep climbing you will hear the voice of one of the survivor talking about the sacred water. 


Keep Climbing and Follow the path of the Painting as we saw on the Religious Sites - the Zig Zag way. Soon you will need to climb up the Bridges in order to get on the top of the Mountain.


Check out the Temple of the Sun

Once you get on the Top of the Mountain, Atilla will ask you to investigate the Top and the Temple of the Sun. Go to the left and update Atilla about the painting then jump into the well to check the Red Faceless Mask. 


Bring the Mask to Atilla

Atilla will ask you to be careful and bring the Red Mask to him. So without any more adventure simply jump into the water where you see the waterfall and escape that area. Head to Atilla and he will tell you everything about the Mask and how the people died on the Mountain. Thus Completing the mission and the walkthrough. Check out the next Walkthrough part 15 - The Thrill Of The Chase and Get To Adam's House and Hidden Cave.


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