Street Fighter V Guide: How To Unlock Alternate Costumes And Colors On PS4 and PC

Street Fighter V

One of the things that makes you feel better when playing fighting games is unlocking alternate costumes for your fighters. There is a really particular feel of satisfaction doing that, since those costumes provide a refreshing visual experience that make the title longer than it actually is.

Street Fighter V

Doing that is a bit harder than usual, by the way, in Street Fighter V. You will need to beat each character in their story mode segment in order to get their alternatve costumes. By the way, this won't be enough at the moment, since the Shop is not currently accessible.

Capcom will open the Shop only in March, in fact, and this basically means you can't access any of the alternate costumes you will unlock throughout the story mode. But you still have a chance to change colors to the existing Street Fighter V fighters costumes.

To do that, you will need to complete the levels of Survival mode. Each tiers but Hell unlock different colors for the character you are using. The difficulties have a specific number of fights you need to complete:

  • Easy – 10 Fights (Third Color Option)
  • Normal – 30 Fights (Fourth, Fifth, and Sixth Color Options)
  • Hard – 50 Fights (Seventh through Tenth Color Option)

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